Monday, June 15, 2009

Dollmeet@Secret Recipe The Curve Part 2

Second part of the many pictures!!!

A nice profile picture of Alex :) 

Lunabelle looks sulky trying on this wig XD 

Lunabelle's profile shot ^^ 

Aww Aedan with Alex and Lunabelle 

Hmmm...Izzy seems to like whispering secrets to Aedan 

I honestly don't know when did Eri try on Alex's default wig o.O;;
The lil girl on his left is Miya ^^ 

Alex and Lunabelle ^_^ 

I dunno this Narae's name x.x 

Megumi seems to be staring at the camera in this picture o.O 

And here is his...boy, Natsu! :D 

Aedan's personal shot! :D I love his outfit!! 

Inara's profile shot. I really like her mold!!! <333 

Chase and Vaness with the babies, Miya and Ivory! 

Sexy Syfen again XD 

Awww Eri looks innocent XD
That's all from me!! ^___^

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