Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life Goes On

I know I haven't been updating this blog for a long time now. Who can blame me, I'm still not used with so many people reading up about my life hahahaha *stares at a someone*

Life's being a real pain as usual what with politics and backstabbing bitches and whatnots. It's a wonder each and every human who faces this issue does not break down and stab him/herself just like that. Goodness knows, that's how I feel like doing every now and then. Thank goodness for you guys IRCfiestans to keep me sane. Well, not all of you but there are certain ones whom I owe my gratitude to :)

Friends. Uhhh....okay. I have had my issues when it comes to this term 'friends'. Good ones, bad ones, they're all there all right. How you judge them is solely up to you. Some of you may know that I try my best not to judge a person without learning both sides of the story first. That helped me a lot throughout my years as a friend myself. Heck, I've even been the middle person between two friends of mine who hated each other's guts. Not an easy job, but one's gotta do it. Backstabbers? Try two or three. Nothing new in life. Though it hurts like hell. Several times I really wanted to revert back to who I used to be back when I was still 13. Yeah, those who knew me then won't recognize me now, as they told me so. I wasn't really antisocial, but I never really talked much, nor did I bother communicating with the rest of the class. Once bitten, twice shy.

I'm just glad I have good friends now. Sure they annoy me every now and then, but no one's perfect, and neither are you. What good is a friendship if we don't endure the bad and enjoy the good together? :)

I'm slowly burning my bridge with a certain person whom had hurt me deeply more than once. Could be a guy, could be a girl. Who knows, could even be more than one person. But for now, sayonara, I do not want to be hurt continuously by the actions of the person.

So this is my life, a condensed and vague version. How you judge me is of your own, and I cannot do anything about it :)

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