Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I simply cannot wait for this Saturday! Both Luna and Alex will be getting their new looks! Plus I get to snuggle and glomp Megumi and poke Natsu and cuddle Ivvy to bits on that day :D Hopefully Chris will be bringing along her Evael cause I would love to molest him too >D

On that day itself will be having a mini photoshoot to help out a friend. My second time modeling so I just hope I can do it well!!! Plus I would really love to have good pictures of me hahahahaha....It sucks when one is usually the photographer and never gets a good picture of her ^_^;; but that is the life so ah heck, never really cared about it much. Just felt like having at least some really nice pictures of me to keep! :D

I'm still contemplating on Lunabelle's personality profile actually. For the time being, she remains as a sweet, innocent child. I somehow cannot imagine her being a funky, naughty child as I thought she might be. I guess that is Alex's job. What a nice family. Eri the crybaby, Alex the punk, and now Luna the sweet one. Talk about a mixed batch!!! 

Wish Kaera and Hayashi would join us, but Kaera will be back at her hometown, and Hayashi will be away for an office trip =/ I can't wait to see Kaera's new girl! Apparently her name will also be Luna, so wow! This will be the third Luna that I know of!!! She's an Iplehouse Real Skin Amy, and omg she is so damn nice!!!! *n* me waaaaaantssssss....but shall save up for her Gentle Soo Ri hehehehe....

Taha owes me the DoD twins heh heh heh *evil smirk*

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