Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Life without Me

It feels horrible when I do not post anything for so long haha. Then again, I'm a lazy blogger and I know it. My posts have been pretty random so far, so how else would this one be different, eh?

Perhaps it is time to redo the blogskin though, I'm getting bored with this one (though it's pretty much Internet-friendly since it loads quite well, minus all those photos I had uploaded lol). I'll browse through here and there later, hoping to find one that I like :)

So how has life been for all of us? For me, I'm getting tired of people asking me "Eh so what are you doing now?" or "Eh are you working?? Where??" or something similar to that. Let me explain once and for all then: I am not working. I am bumming at home (relatively speaking). I will only graduate in 2011, since I have two (2) internships more to complete by next year (Spring 2010 and Fall 2010) and hopefully, one more class I can take in Summer 2010. THEN I will be done. Which means I will start work somewhat in 2011 after New Year. Heh.

Thank you everyone, for all the kind thoughts and well wishes. I gotta admit, I was surprised and touched when those whom I do not know so well actually came and convey their sympathies and condolences to me (especially those who came to mum's wake. Thank you guys...). Trust me, I did not expect any of this. The most I had expect was Nao and Doll to come. Nao, cause she was there with me when mum departed. Doll, well, because she's my 'wife'. Heh. Philip would obviously come, seeing that Nao would drag him along. The hugs that were sent to me via Deru were also duly noted. Thanks, Ren and Iluna, for that. And to the rest whom I could not recall who. I know that those in IRC who could not make it, made other people their messengers to me. Appreciate that, though it made me amused (if that was your intention, you succeeded heh).

Goes to show, a friend may look insignificant in your life, until he or she stands up and be a mountain for you. Good for you guys. I am happy I knew you. I am glad that I have met you :)

You know what is amusing? That politics can never exclude me, even at my darkest hour. Amusing, yes? Imagine me snorting in disbelievement when I found out that I had, apparently, dropped out from the council without me even knowing about it. I wonder how did my words get mixed up in front of a whole group of people. Then again, I was the social outcast in that 'family'. So perhaps this is a chance to rid of me? Or perhaps it's just me being all Diva-like and bitchy about it. Ah well. Then again, it did not really matter to me. I joined because I owe it to someone. Someone who wanted me to join to make a difference. Right. Wrong choice heh. Ah well. Good experience, I suppose. More exposure to backstabbers and whatnots before I begin working. Heaven knows, it could get worse. Geh.

Comic Fiesta is just around the corner! Is everyone ready? I know I am most definitely not!!!

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