Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

Some pictures to share with everyone :) Credit of these pictures all goes to my friend Izumi who was kind enough to go snap-crazy over my camera! ^^

I'm afraid I can't give an overall review of Comic Fiesta this year (again) due to the fact that I did not leave my booth much. But here goes all the same :)


I've heard good and bad comments about this duo. Frankly, I don't mind them, though I feel as though there just isn't any chemistry between the two to keep the show running properly. It's as though one is more dominant than the other. And yes, I did not know who was talking on stage, just continued listening to them instead (like I have a choice hahahaha).

Doujin Booths

Okay, this year's arrangement is definitely better than last year, where we were ABSOLUTELY blocked from the stage last year, I can actually view the stage this year! Side-view yeah, but it's still something!

One downside however, is that this year's booth space is horribly cramped up. We had very little walking space especially after all of us are seated back to back. Does not help my fat ass trying to squeeze through lol. Table space underneath is smaller too (or so I think).


Entrance was rather to far for my liking actually. Wished there were TWO entrances (just as there were two exits) instead, where the second entrance would be behind the doujin booth layout. That way, we needn't walk too far to enter. As for the exit, one was blocked by the doujin booths, whilst another is hidden somewhere along TFM (I only entered via there accidentally once, otherwise I wouldn't know where that exit was lol). In other words, all attendees who wanted to leave, ended up congesting the doujin area. I know several people who were afraid to enter cause of fear that their props will be ruined along the way going in/out from the hall.


I admit, this year's amount of cosplayers is lesser than last year. Even so, quality has increased! Kudos to you guys out there with your awesome costumes! First day had more cosplayers than the second day, and I suspect it's because everyone's too tired to cosplay by the second day! Hahahaha...I know I was ^___^;;


I was honestly surprised at seeing faces I did not imagine to see! And also sad, because I did not meet any of my friends whom I wanted to meet. It goes to show that the hall was spacious enough to hide these people away from me! Not to mention that NONE of them knew where my booth was lol!

There was a scene that had gotten me amused though, while I was waiting for my friends behind the ticketing counter to get ready to go out for lunch. There was an uncle and his kid who wanted to buy the tickets to enter the hall. Entering the scene is an auntie, whom I suspect is the kid's mum, commenting, "See how much they spend on all those costumes and everything! If only they would use the time they use to research for all these into studies also!". And she repeated that twice! I ended up staring at her, smiling all the way. It was funny! Hahaha...

**Photo courtesy of NaokoKensaku**

Walkway of SMILES

After a late lunch, me and Gypsydres went back upstairs to the convention area. To my pleasant surprise I saw a long line of people sitting down alongside the wall, carrying signboards like "SMILE AND MAKE MY DAY" and "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL", and all the while they were peeping behind their signboards, smiling all that was worth. They made me smile and feel better, that's for sure.

It was a really nice thing to do :)

There's a lot of things to talk about, though I'm not sure if I'm in the right mood to do so! Overall, if you were one of the Comic Fiesta attendee, hurray! We had fun!! For those who did not attend, we hope to see you next year!

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