Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lemonades? Try Sour Plums

Even Love deserts me happily, she glooms

Being solitary at home most of the time can indeed be trying. I'm pretty grateful for the access of Internet just cause of that. Granted, I'm not trying to be a hermit or anything, as close as I am to being one. I just have...difficulties at the moment.

So how have I been? I have chatted with Alicia after so long (Thanks for the phone call Als, appreciate it! Next time, we do Skype kays?) and finally managed to sit down for a chat online with my cousin Taha (imagine me trying to chat with him for so many months now!) though it wasn't for long. Ah well, better something than nothing.

These days, I've noticed a lot of people finally stopped asking me that one annoying question: Why don't you have a boyfriend?

Thanks for not asking, so I have no need to repeat myself. Yes, I do get lonely. Yes, I do have 'requirements' in a guy. But no, I'm not going all out looking for one. Sorry, not that desperate. Besides, I'd rather first be friends before moving on. At least by then I'll be at a comfortable level with the guy as a friend, rather than to experience awkwardness in different stages in a relationship. Happened to me before, don't want it to happen again. So yes, to that one person whom had asked me what I seek out for in a guy, that is my most important criteria. A person I can be comfortable with rather than staring awkwardly elsewhere and always at a loss of words. Not a fun thing to be.

Relationships aside, how have my friends been? It's been a while since I last saw a LOT of people...and frankly, I'm wondering if they miss me as much as I miss hanging out with them. Sure, Facebook connects people; and I have a lot of friends on my list. But I can bet to you that the amount of people whom are really and truly my friends...are not even half of that amount. Sad? True. I miss those good old days when I can hang out with them almost anytime, anywhere. Now, I have too many things to think about. And the fact that they themselves are busy with their own lives. *sighs* I hate this aspect of growing up.

I think I'm slowly turning into a soulless human steadily fattening up at home due to poorly managed schedule and bad internal clock timing. I can't even sum up the energy to do anything lately, which is bad.

One thing's for sure for now, I'm in deep shit cause my car grant had decided to play hide-and-seek with me and I can't renew my insurance nor my already-expired road tax which means I'm pretty much stranded at home staring at the four walls.

Thank goodness for the kids being with me. At least I have something to stare at.

*sighs* at a slum in my life now

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Cute la your drawing.