Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When dreams become Nightmares

Random sketch is done by me (a very hasty work) heh.

Dreams are indeed weird. For the past two days, I've been having the weirdest dream ever. Not that I haven't had my share of weird dreams for the past few months...

Yesterday, my dream had revolved around my family and a dead cockroach. Yeah, even I went eeeeeeew over the latter. In my dream, mum, sis and I were feeling rather worried because dad wasn't back yet from work (it was apparently at night in my dream). Then we found out he went out with his colleague after work to someplace (no idea where) only to be involved in a car accident. The colleague was badly injured but we didn't hear any news about my dad. Of course we were worried by then; so mum decided to call up the hospital and demand to know what's going on. The next thing I know, mum and sis left me alone in an empty building as they went to check out dad's news.

After awhile, I got rather blur and can't remember the details. But it continued with me staring at dad, who looked at me rather bemusedly. I asked how was he, if he was injured in the accident. He wasn't, but mum and sis were still missing. So I sat down waiting for them to come back. Dad, meanwhile, was watching TV. Then I caught a dead cockroach with...some sort of bug with it. I'm not sure what I was doing with it but somehow I felt it was deeply important that I get that bug. I kept on washing and washing the dead cockroach until it was 'clean' and stared at it. And then...I ate it. Yes, I ate it. I woke up feeling utterly disgusted and wonder why the hell did I eat it in my dream. Ugh.

Oh and for those of you who doesn't know, I have lost my dad over pancreatic cancer four years back, and my mum over lung cancer last year. So yes, this dream...perhaps has its significance. Ironic coincidence is that sis and I (in reality) have just visited my parents and grandfather in the temple the day before.


Well logically, I rather expected to have a weird dream anyway. Had little sleep. But still...

There was no head nor tail in this dream. I was rather abruptly dumped into the dream with a call from Naoko, asking me questions about how to purchase a BJD online. Apparently she wanted to buy one for Marina as a gift. I was surprised but advised her against getting the 60cm Bobobie which she wanted to get; telling her that the poseability of that doll wasn't that good. She frowned and insisted in getting that purely because someone in the forum was selling it cheaply (cookies if you guess which forum it is lol) and even told me to check it up. Which I did. Turns out there were TWO threads by the same seller, selling the SAME item at a different price. I was feeling suspicious by then.

But just as sudden as it started, I was dumped into yet another scenario. This time, it seems as though I'm viewing the seller's situation as a third party. Turns out that seller was on the run from some vicious mobs, hence why he's selling the doll(s?) cheaply. So basically, run-run-run-evade-run-run-run-caught. Then I woke up.

Why was this dream weird? Well firstly, in my dream, Naoko made Marina her pet sister (even on Facebook lol). Not that it couldn't happen, but still. Secondly, Naoko...interested in getting BJD for someone? Hmmmmmmmmm.....And thirdly, lol at the scenario painted on the BJD seller. Kinda dramatic, don't you think?

Maybe this is how I get my muses...they haunt me in my sleep

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michelleho said...

Hmmm... your dream about papa sounds familiar.

You remember there was one day papa came home super super late after a heavy rain. Call mobile phone never pick up. Went across to get Uncle Teja to go look for papa at the office (we saw an almost dead fish flapping on the road). Then you called and told us papa's home. When we got home papa was in front of the TV playing with "Blackie" (pet hamster) and his phone had 60++ missed calls.

I remember that panic till today! Haha!

But... the cockroach must be all you lah. Mum trying to tell you that you're breeding cockroach in your room and wherever your things are!