Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updates from the blur girl

Well, last weekend, my friends and I set up a booth at the Art Bazaar. A friend of ours had buzzed me on Facebook wondering if we could open a booth there, so after discussing with my group mates, we agreed to join in.

It sounded fun, and well, it IS fun. But sadly, there were a lot of errors that were not foreseen by the committee. A lot of vendors were mad and went off huffily before the event was over on day one (It's safe to assume that this happened cause of the heavy rain that almost drenched everyone lol. Fortunately our booth was smack right in the middle, so we didn't suffer that much. Imagine me and Guki ended up gaming on our DS while others moan and panic over their merchandises. Reason why we didn't move about? There wasn't any space!

Well sad to say, we heard and spied a lot of grumblings from vendors. I'm impressed, however, with the team-spirit of the committee when they tried fixing everything. Good job on that!

Day two was SLIGHTLY better even though we didn't earn much. I'm happy to have made new friends (well there wasn't much else to do aside from making friends with the vendors hahahaha) and that killed our time when we were bored.

Cheers to those whom I have met on that day!

Why a picture of this bracelet? Well, firstly, this was done the night before which I had wanted to sell during the bazaar itself. I think I may have overdid it. Note to self: make it less bulky and get better wires *sighs*

Still, I'm proud with this creation of mine...and now I need to find glass beads that would look better though it'll increase the price of each handmade accessory~hey, you gotta pay more to look good, yes? 8D

A random photo of me cosplaying Suigin Tou while smiling behind a bottle of Yakult. Credit of this photo (and the Yakult) goes to e-jump :) For some reason, I like this photo a lot! I look pretty much out of character here hahahahaha but I guess this is dedicated to SuiginTou fans and the creator of SuiginTou ^^v

*melmel goes smileeeee*
Picture (and pose instructor!) credit goes to Guki! This was taken right after PRIMETIME day one, where we had our dinner at Subang Empire hahahaha. Yes Guki, thanks to you I have learned to relax my face muscles enough to make funny faces xD

Oh look, it's Cheryl and Guki at our booth....with Lvbeii and her brother....with her brother photobombing the photo!! LOL!

I actually should right a proper review over PRIMETIME, but perhaps not in this post. I don't want to write a long draggy post over that event :) It was not an entirely successful event, but I think it's a nice experience for everyone (and for you guys too!) to learn and improve in future. Kudos to the PRIMETIME team, loved your works in the exhibition...and good luck in future with your work! :D

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