Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My outdated stash of cosmetics

I've been meaning to post this up in ages, but I kept on forgetting!!  Anyways here are the pictures of my rather outdated  stash of cosmetics I snapped...last month I think?  I'll probably get some reviews done when I don't feel too lazy (and have a handy camera at hand hahahaha)

Eyeshadows mania. Clockwise from top left:
- 88 eyeshadow palette
- AVON palette (eyeshadow, blusher, lipgloss)
- WET&WILD dual eyeshadows (blue/green, black/white)
- Elianto eyeshadow (Lavendar, purple)
- WET&WILD palette (blusher+eyeshadow)
- Elianto pigmented eyeshadow in Snowy White
- ELF eye transformer
I owe people reviews for the 88 eyeshadow palette and ELF eye transformer I suppose heh

To conceal. Clockwise from top left:
- Loreal True Match liquid foundation in Ivory 
- Elianto shimmery loose powder
- Uptown Vision cream foundation
- Elianto pigmented eyeshadow in Metallic Purple (poor thing didn't make it to the previous picture haha)
- SilkyGirl compact powder
- SilkyWhite compact powder
- Uptown Vision bronzer
- SilkyGirl compact foundation
- ELF translucent mattifying powder
- ELF corrective concealer
- ELF eye brightening concealer
- ELF liquid concealer

My somewhat abused ELF Corrective Concealer. Sadly though, it doesn't stay well on my skin =/ 

Stash of brushes, false lashes, and eye products. 

Oh look, a closer look on those 'sticks'. From top:
- Coastal Scents gel eyeliner in Plum
- Urban Decay eye primer potion
- Gold glitter eyeliner (peel-off)
- FASIO liquid eyeliner
- ELF mascara
- Estee Lauder mascara
- Maybelline mascara
- Urban Decay mascara
- cheap eyeliner pencil that I ended up using as an eyebrow pencil :P
- green glitter eyeliner (unused) on the left
- DON false lashes adhesive on the right 
I'll get the Urban Decay eye primer potion review one day!

Somehow, I really do like this pair of lashes! Used it for my Suigin Tou cosplay photoshoot a few weeks back :)

My small stash of lippies. I don't really wear lipsticks in general, so most of them are actually given to me rather than me getting them =/ 

Lipglosses & lipbalms, my dear kabuki brush, false lashes, and my Loccitane solid perfume ^^

This actually smells like cookies and cream for some reason. Not bad, but not to my liking. I find the picture hilarious though! xD
Yay one post is to get some reviews done, when I can! :D

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