Sunday, July 11, 2010

One down, Three more to go...

An artwork I did a few days back? :3

Life is not at its best for me right now, though it's steadily getting better. Two days back I went to Empire Subang Gallery with Guki and her mum (cause her mum had to renew her driver's license lol) to meet up with Cheryl for a couple of minutes. Well before that we headed to Carrefour Subang Jaya since there's a post office there that you can renew your license there..and had lunch at KFC there too. Guess what? I discovered the post office has shifted! If we hadn't gone to eat at KFC I wouldn't have known hahahaha. It's now located right next to KFC in Carrefour, ground floor :3

So after that, we headed off to Empire Gallery Subang to hang out while waiting for Cheryl (it was about 3pm then, we were supposed to meet Cheryl at 7pm lol). Chilled out at Starbucks and left Guki's mum to rest there while me and Guki started walking around (umm well yeah, I'd rather her mum sit down too than to endure our insane walks ^^). We trolled Tangs where Guki went ga-ga over the red headphones (OMFG I WANT IT TOO!!!) which was *gasp* RM400 to say the least. Damn nuts but OMG very very nice T_T Oh Nao and Phil called too, apparently they were at Empire as well, though we never met in the end hahahahaha.

Then I spotted Juice Works cause that was where I was planning to work at...and OMG THEY ARE HIRING!!! Me and Guki discussed for several minutes and decided to walk around first before trying out for the walk-in interview.

*skips the boring walk part*

Finally we gathered our courage to inquire (the boy was sweet trying to promote the VIP card which I'm interested in, but sadly I wanted to apply for a job oTL) for the job and the team leader (or supervisor?) was busy so we filled in the application form and waited for him to be free. It was about 15-20 minutes before Guki was called (well I more or less pushed her to go first hahahahahaha). Roughly 20 minutes later, it was my turn.

Was an interesting experience, this interview. I'm proud to say it didn't take less than 10 minutes to get this done with! Hahahaaha....the guy was nice enough, even asked me about my internship hu hu hu. But he admitted he's not that well-versed with English; Chinese is better. Thankfully I know Cantonese though it's not excellent...though for now I'd prefer to converse in English 8D

I had to actually raise my voice several times while chatting with my interviewer due to a VERY noisy trio behind me (we were interviewed on the spot, so yes, it was where customers would sit) and ended up Guki able to hear what I was saying occasionally x.X;; She was sitting about 2 meters away from me so you can see what's I'm trying to say here oTL

Oh did I mentioned I did not sleep at all since the night before? So I was surviving on pure adrenaline there hahaha.

The whole scenario took about 1 hour to complete, so then we headed back to Guki's mum (it was about...5pm then?) and relaxed at Starbucks till 6pm (we were hungry, so had to go look for dinner). To our utmost surprise (or mine initially) I had a phone call at was from the interviewer telling me I got the job. And Guki too LOL. Guki didn't hear her phone ringing so in the end I had to pass my phone to her hahahahahaha.

Initially it was me starting job on the 19th and Guki this coming Wednesday...but then she realized she won't be getting her license till Thursday so she was in a dilemma. After dinner (which was pretty yummy) we headed back to Juice Works for her to explain her dilemma. Noticing their hand gestures I had a feeling I'll end up starting work on Wednesday. Whoop-de-loop, I was right. Honestly, I don't know if I should feel annoyed or amused. Annoyed cause well, I wanted to start on Monday (19th) cause I have work on my college assignment AND I wanted to go to Bon Odori. Hurr....

Ah well, this is work so I can't complain...much. For now.

*sighs* Mixed feelings indeed.

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