Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jom Makan @ Empire Subang Gallery

It was pretty much a last minute thing but I met up with Naoko for dinner just a few hours back on an impulse (OMG I forgot to go to Jaya Grocer!!!) and when we met up, we decided to try the cafe on the second floor (for the second time, I forgot the name of that cafe jeez, it was De:Lux or something I think...or was it Re:Lex. Can't remember).

So onwards to photos!

Naosis took a bowl of mushroom soup, which was really thick and creamy...and full of mushroom-y delight! It was served with a slice of garlic bread ^^ (RM5.90)

Naosis trying to grab my dinner! Hahahahahaha

Which was Spaghetti with Beef Balls in Tomato Sauce (RM10.80)

Naosis's dinner, lamb chop (mint sauce) with mashed potatoes (RM15.90) which is not bad cause it's worth the money :D

My verdict?
The lamb chop was delicious, grilled to perfection. Did not try the mashed potato though (Nao gave me some bits of the lamb hence how I knew it tasted so good haha)

Mushroom soup was really good, but not more than one bowl cause it was seriously thick and creamy...which means consuming more will just make you go sick over it.

Spaghetti bolognaise with beefballs wasn't too bad either. I experienced an odd tomyam aftertaste for some reason when I tasted the sauce but I think it was just me. The beefballs were fantastic! There were three beefballs in one serving and they're quite big too ^^

Oh and sky juice is FOC so that's what I took 8D


WE DECIDED TO HAVE MACARONS FOR DESSERT!!! And I snapped a photo of the cafe so that you know which one I meant! He he he he

It's called Whisk, and I find the ambience really really nice!
This cafe is located right next to GNC near Jaya Grocer by the way, on Ground Floor.

A closer look at the signboard.

A quick snap from where me and Nao were sitting. Hey, I like the antiquity! 8D The signboards were literally everywhere stating the prices of the cakes, foods, and all!

The brown ones are chocolate (obviously), solitary pink one is rose (my favorite), the two green ones at the bottom are pistachio, and the final two green ones on the top right are pandan (cashier told me it was kiwi LOL). It is RM2 each, RM18 for 10

Naosis *noms* on chocolate macaron hehehehe

My verdict?
The chocolate was the best among the lot, coming from a girl who doesn't enjoy chocolates much. It was rich and nutty (macadamia nuts I think, crushed to bits) and rather filling. The rose was easily my favorite because it isn't THAT sweet and when I bit into it, I was engulfed with the natural rose flavour which was mild and light. Yummy!
The pandan was the scariest for me, but it's mostly cause it was rather sweet and had an odd aftertaste. The pistachio wasn't too bad; it was soft and mild as well, with a very pleasant aftertaste once you start chewing on it.

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