Friday, July 16, 2010

A new change

Her Little Royal Highness

Haven't been updating my blog lately, been busy. Heh. Anyways I have a new job now as a part time crew at Juice Works. It's a fun job, and well, my colleagues are a fun bunch. Though I gotta admit working at a dead place during weekdays is...tiring. But still..I get to explore around!

My first day of work was...interesting. There wasn't much to do (well not many customers hahaha)but Jack, my manager basically gave us (there were two new part timers, me and EJ) a short tour of the equipments and what is there to be done in the kiosk. Then he taught us how to get SOME drinks done. Well, he gave us the laminated recipe, which I kept on staring and wondering how will I be able to remember the formulas hahahaha. Thank goodness he's patient enough, and the customers are not the superbly impatient and bitchy type (...yet). Then again, not many people.

Met Eric, the guy who interviewed us as well. He was okay, though he disappears a lot lol. Apparently we're also providing delivery service to tenants in this place. Hahaha. I haven't delivered anything yet though.

Day two was okay. Met up with another full timer, Nick. Found out later on from EJ that Nick knows what cosplay is, and his girlfriend plans to cosplay too! Hahahahaha. We had fun chatting after several hours of awkwardness (he's a pretty quiet guy) about anime and stuffs. And me sending him Shugo Chara pictures lmao. It was a slightly busier day than the day before, and I got to learn how to make new drinks *though still can't fully remember it*

Today marks my third day in my workplace, and today I'll be there till closing time. Wheeeee gonna learn how to close up ngek ngek. Note to self: eat lunch before leaving, figure out what to eat for dinner during break time. I think I'll go with a Kiwi Dream later hmmmm....

Oh and on a side note, I have one research paper to hand in next week. Damn lol

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