Monday, July 26, 2010

My life as a crew

*say cheeeeeese*

Yes I haven't been updating my blog for almost two weeks now hahaha. Been rather busy with my new worklife honestly.

I'm steadily getting used to working as a part-time crew at JuiceWorks now. And learning how to make those drinks (curse my bad memory and those many drinks to remember! 35 drinks recipe lol). My colleagues are a friendly lot and I really do have a nice rapport with them, not to mention awesome teamwork. Sure, now and then one of us will show up with a terrible mood (that happened to me yesterday) but still, nobody's life is perfect :]

Sadly though, even if my work is awesome, I only have one gripe over my working life. And that gripe manager. Oddly enough, I find myself being pretty much against him after several days working at my post. Mind you, I only saw him several times when I first started working, and never worked WITH him until the second week. And yet I find myself disliking him.

So what made me dislike him so bad? For starters, I don't find his aura of personality appealing...or helping to facilitate rapport and teamwork spirit at all. Unlike my supervisor, Jack, he (the manager) only knows how to criticize but never teach. And he expects me to know what the hell is he talking about...and to do it perfectly. Okay sure, most of you would probably say, "Hey, this is working life for you. Deal with it." and yes, I agree to that. Doesn't make my life easier though. After all, what's working life without any bumps along the way, eh?

Apparently, this manager might have the hots for Guki. Like, really. I noticed the special attention being paid towards her as well. It kinda freaked me out a little even if it wasn't directed to me. You can guess how Guki feels about this anyway. But yes, he's...scary.

Within one week working at JuiceWorks, I came to realize that most of my colleagues do not like our manager either. It took me awhile to understand more about it but yes, we all find him rather irresponsible and...dumb at times. Here's an example:

Our work schedule is drawn up weekly, and posted on the notice board in our workplace. In order to not confuse my work schedule, I'd jot it down on my organizer and snap a photo of my work schedule for my reference. So one day while having my break, we were griping over our work schedule when Guki suddenly told me that I'll be starting work at 12pm on Friday (last week). I didn't quite get her then but after awhile I realized....wasn't I supposed to start at 2pm? I had planned to run to college to submit my assignment then and I know if I start at 12pm, I'd be rushing around like a crazed kitten. So I checked the timetable again.

Lo and behold, yes, I start at 12pm. The smartass manager apparently had changed my work schedule WITHOUT INFORMING ME. Honestly, if Guki did not mention it, I wouldn't have noticed. This was on a Wednesday, two days before the actual day. So when he appears later on the day, I asked him about it. Guess what his reply was?

"Oh I cannot remember what I write already. Too many things to remember."

So...what kind of a manager would CHANGE an employee's schedule WITHOUT informing the employee? Sure, you can change it without consulting me, but dammit, NOT informing ME about it?! That's superbly unprofessional. So what happens if I were to NOT notice about my change of schedule and go ahead and enter work TWO HOURS LATE?! Geez.

Tomorrow, my work shifts are all at closing time. His lame excuse? I gotta learn how to close the shop. My reaction? =_______= lame excuse. Jack has already taught me how to close the shop WAAAY BEFORE YOU EVEN CARED TO TEACH US. Yes, that's right. He was efficient, and smart enough to know that one should not bombard EVERYTHING in one day to learn least we'll end up muddling everything. But nooooo.....last week you decided to leave EVERYTHING to me and then condenscendingly tell me not to take too long to close the finance report cause he will not pay me overtime. Like, what the eff? Jeez. I do not like his methods.

So now, each time I'm in the same shift as he him, I developed this bland facial expression and studiously ignore him unless necessary. It works well for me anyway.

And for those of you who wondered what happened to me yesterday about my thumb was caught jammed up at the cash register (stupid thing was too deep in) causing a really really deep cut on my thumb. That incident triggered my bad mood for several hours (not to mention I was rather hungry then) and I was pissed off cause I was stuck at the cashier job when I didn't want to be near the cash register for some time after my thumb injury. So I did the next best thing and ranted. Hahaha...Sorry for those who got irritated with my lame brattiness. Couldn't help it, my irrational anger.

Anyway about two hours before closing time, Susan started setting out large containers filled with soapy water to soak the equipments to be washed tomorrow. She placed one big transparent container right in between the ice box cooler and the trashbin, causing the lane to be rather clogged up. So when we were all joking and laughing about, I walked really fast and went SMACK over the container, causing the water to slosh rather heavily...and me cursing quite loudly cause the crash was really loud and painful. I ended up injuring my right leg, in which everyone winced when they saw my wound. It was partially my fault anyway, for not looking where I was going. Sad to say my leg still hurts like hell even today (it's my day off thankfully) and I can't walk properly yet. Poor me *tsk*

So that's the end of my rather long rant of my workplace...and I'm too lazy to type anymore hehehehe.



Take care =D

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