Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wishing Upon a Star (August)

Eh it's that time of the year again! It's time for me to list up my birthday wishlist....among other wishlists like my impossible wishlists!! xDDD

This is basically a ritual I have done yearly for the heck of it and see how many have I had gotten each year (or how many have I earned enough to get them myself!). Basically, it's just a list of things that I want and some that I need hahaha.

Birthday Wishlist:

- Mercedes Lackey's novels (I still have a  LOT I plan to collect, buzz me on the titles that I already have!)

- Body Shop Merely Musk perfume (not oil-based)

- A personalized photo frame with a picture of memories between you and me (or us if there's a group)

- Handmade charms/accessories

- Wigs! (lol)

- Casual dresses in blue or red

- Black pants! (My pants...they are two years old? LOL)

- A day in a spa (mmmmmm.......)

- Massage at a massage parlour

- Dark Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks (gawds I miss this drink)

- ZA Compact Foundation

- Coastal Scents gel eyeliner

- P2 Intensive Eyeliner in dramatic Japan and powerful Kenya (link)

- NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash (link)

- NYX Concealer Jar in Fair, Light, Lavender and/or Gree (link)

- NYX Bronzer Powder in Medium (link)


- Eyeshadow, blush, fan, taupe, eyeliner, and concealer brushes that are price worthy (in quality and price)

- Full coverage concealer (I still can't find a good one for myself)

- Simply Naturale Mineral Foundation

- Simply Naturale Finishing Veil

- Simply Naturale Bronzer

- Face Masks (hahahahahaha)

- A proper dollfie bag (heh)

- Two piece bikini in black or red (plain or slightly floral)

- SHOES!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha

- Accessories in bronze, antique, or silver (handmade is nice too)

Impossible Wishlist:

- My resin family to be with me lmao (to name a few, Iplehouse Silvia, Dream of Doll Tender Too and Bee-A, Honey Delf Muffin, Puki Lily as Black Maid Mary)

- 1TB external harddisk (OMG RAZ AND NAOKO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!)

- A mini laptop handy enough to carry around getting some paperwork done

- Someone to be my own personal tailor (hu hu hu)

- Lolita dresses (in maroon, baby blue, or black)

- Corset


- Blackberry phone (I blame my sister for this lol)

Thats all I can remember for now LOL! Happy viewing my selfish needs! :P



Nice list there LOL

P/s: 1TB HDD is pretty cheap now. RM213 IIRC just get a RM60 casing and it will become an external HDD hahahaha XD

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

LOL thanks xDDDD

Unfortunately, I'm too broke to even get that hahahahaha



Work hard save hard spent hard LOL