Sunday, August 01, 2010

Food Review: Whisk, Espresso Bar/Cake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Finally! I've been wanting to review this cafe once more but time always eluded me heh heh heh. Here's a look at the place once more :)


A nice welcome inside :)
Most of their items on the shelves are on sale too!

Oh look, prices! I've tried their Bagel with Cream Cheese before but unfortunately, I had forgotten to snap a photo of it! It's quite big and the cream cheese slathered on the bagel was generous indeed...

More prices! I find them quite reasonable...

CAKES!!! Seriously, they really do tempt me. I have tried the Red Velvet Cake (photo of it you can scroll down later) and have yet to try their chocolate cake, marble cake, and hummingbird cake...

They have pastries too! On the left are the beef cottage pie (photo of it below later), chicken pasta pie, lamb/chicken and mushroom puffs, and on the far right, blondies! Yep blondies. They are apparently brownies without chocolate, hence their pale appearance xD

They have sweets too! I forgot to ask what kind though hahahaha. One day, I plan to try their LOCK, CHOC and BARREL chocolate drink *smirks*

Macarons. Sadly, not too many selection on that day =/ Look at that hand grabbing the last yellow macaron off the counter! I think that was Lemon Meringue Strawberry Macaron lol 

And now, let's move on to some food reviews....

Here's a drink I was curious enough to try: Mochacinno con la Nutella. It is basically a mocha drink that is NOT sweet (which is good, I find overly-sweet mocha...hard to swallow after awhile) that has a cup slathered liberally with Nutella all around it.  All I had to do was to scrape off the Nutella from the edges and stir it into the creamy mochacinno and voila! Instant moderate sweetness! It's my own preference really, but they do have raw sugar and white sugar at hand if you need additional sweetening to your drink...

Jeng Jeng's the Red Velvet Cake! Now this, I really did enjoy. The icing was rather too sweet for me but if eaten with the cake it was just nice. The cake itself isn't altogether that sweet (which is good for me, as I don't like sweet cakes) and the texture is really soft. Rather like melting in your mouth I suppose *grins*

Oh hey look, it's macarons again! I can't seem to get enough of these...Clockwise from top left: Blueberry, Mango, and Peanut Butter. My favorite is definitely mango. It's light and sweetened just nice for a bite. The meringue filling has a strong mango taste though it's not totally overpowering and the macaron itself is not too sweet to overpower the meringue filling. Blueberry was okay, it's just the same as the mango. For the peanut butter, well, what else can I say? If you like peanut butter, then this macaron is definitely for you!...

This quirky drink is called Cafe Con Leche. Basically it's similar to Cafe Latte, but I somehow like this better. I find that there is a rather distinctive taste of hazelnuts (or is it vanilla? I'm not too sure) that I don't even need to add in any sugar to the drink.

And I had the Beef Cottage Pie to accompany my drink! Yum!

I find this meal really really satisfying. It's basically minced beef, cubed potatoes and carrots in a rich gravy; topped with creamy mashed potato and baked in a pan(?). Plus, it's all homemade from the cafe itself! Now that is indeed a great plus!

All in all, I find this cafe a really nice place to sit down with a couple of friends and relax. They might not serve any heavy meals meant for lunch or dinner, but it's nice to have tea with them anyday. Service is efficient and friendly, and they really do know how to make you feel right at home in their homely cafe :)

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