Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Meaningless Rambles

The late Kan Cheong, may you rest in peace =/

The very last and latest photo of Guki's cat in which I had snapped a nice photo of her (staring at me apprehensively) before she passed away. According to my friend she was tortured to death, and did not die a natural death. I curse those people who were cruel enough to torment this poor kitten for so long now. Such an adorable and responsive kitten among the three of them, she'll definitely be missed =/

So how's my work life lately? Everyone seems to be asking me that haha. For those who still haven't a clue as to where I'm working at, I'm with Juice Works as a part time crew for the time being. I'm quite happy with my working environment with my colleagues and all, but I don't like the fact that the management in general exploits their employees that's working in the franchises. Maybe my drama isn't unique but something rather common in the working life, but no one wants to be constantly overworked and underpaid, no? :) Plus, part timers and full timers get the same hourly wages, and part timers do NOT get overtime wages. Not to mention the sad fact that although we are part timers, we are currently working the basic hours for a full timer, and not getting any of their benefits. Kinda stinks when one starts to think about it. I'm tempted to leave but I love my working environment (it's not perfect but hey, the company counts!). As it is I have already been asked to leave my job to work with others but I'm still debating for now. One month part time? Wow! Hahahahahaa. Still....

Life is pretty hectic lately, been going to work and crashing onto bed as soon as I get back home. Did I mention I have been overworked? Nyahahahahahahahahaha. I'm planning to scout around for now and ask for better details for the other jobs that I have had offers from. I might just end up quitting this part time job if things get worse. I'm not getting much benefits which is pretty sad lol. Like I said, management is exploiting us :) At times like this, I really really wish I could have taken up the job offer at IKEA as a cashier. Sadly location and pay does not comply to the initial cost I will have to fork out to commute *sighs*

I wonder when will my next blog post be hmmm....Work is a headache for now hehehehe. Ah well, time to sleep :) Work begins in 8 hours :P

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