Sunday, August 22, 2010

The day I had a bad accident

Alexandra, the little diva in the family

While waiting for my laptop to be scanned for viruses (an unfortunate incident, I got Trojan-ed after visiting CustomHouse's site *sighs*) I decided to take my own sweet time typing out a blog post with one hand.

So why the one hand issue I've been going on and on, especially on Facebook? The answer is simple-I broke my wrist. Happened two days right after my birthday (talk about irony lol) It's a stupid and silly accident really, mostly my fault; but it could happen to anyone. Kind of like that just-my-luck accident that happens at a one-to-a-million-chances sort of thing. Anyway the culprit of this accident? A slippery floor in the bathroom...and a sharp mini doorstep by my bedroom. Slipped, flailed, and my wrist connected to the sharp doorstep. Odd thing is, I never did hear anything. Landed on my that took most of my attention away lol.

Imagine staring at your broken wrist dazedly for several moments, wondering bemusedly why your wrist is at an odd angle...and comparing it to your other wrist. All this without feeling any pain, yet. That was how I was. It took me awhile to finally realize that something was wrong, so I quickly got up and walked downstairs, trying very hard not to faint (I was already seeing black as I walked down the stairs). The moment I reached downstairs I hurriedly took my mobile and called my sister, urging her to rush back home to me. Right after that I called my boss to tell him I can't go to work cause I suspect my wrist is broken (I think he wasn't sure what I was trying to say then though, but fortunately he got the gist of it. By then I was near tears cause the pain was kicking in.

Unfortunately, sis was at KL so it took some time for her to return home. Equally unfortunately I was at a state of undress cause I just finished showering (was getting ready to go to work) so I couldn't open the door or unlock the gate for any anxious volunteers to send me to the hospital even if I wanted to. To try and block my pain, I tried distracting myself with other stuffs. Switched on tv to distract me, but it failed. Went online and immediately talked to Cheryl telling her that I need to cancel my party cause of my injury...followed by plurking saying, "I think I broke my wrist..." which invoked a very concerned admonition by Raz asking why am I not in the hospital. Sorry Raz ^_^;;

I waited in agony for about 40 minutes at home for my sis, sometimes screaming and whimpering to myself in pain. Couldn't help it, it was THAT painful. Finally sis got back home, changed and dressed, took all necessary documents, and rushed to the hospital. All the while I wished I had fainted to escape the pain. Buuuuut I didn't hehehe. Reached ER, and the nurse brought me to the waiting room, where I laid down on the bed. Roughly....1-2 hours later, a nurse FINALLY gave me a jab of painkillers to alleviate the pain, I went for X-ray shortly after that. Then it was back to the waiting room for me cause the doctors were too busy. Dimmie saw me while I was in pain too, and I actually cried while talking to her. How embarassing!

So many hours later (I think it was 5 hours later) I finally got a room. Insurance paperwork is...annoying, eh? The moment I got my room, went in, immediately changed into the hospital gown. And rushed to the operating theater. Got a jab of general anaestatic (I know my spelling is off lol) and dozed off while my wrist was being set. Later that night noticed my phone had misscalls and messages, but I was too tired to do anything by then. Called up my colleague though to update her, and update my boss at the same time.

My only visitors were my cousin, and Nao, Phil and Deru for two days. Dimmie popped by the next morning to see how I was before heading off to work too. Thanks for the visit everyone :) On the weekend, I followed my sis and her friend to Port Dickson and rested in the room, since I obviously can't be home alone lol. Was fun, though hell, everything in that resort is stupendously overpriced, even for a resort D: imagine paying RM70 for ONE HOUR of karaoke!

So for now, I'm recuperating at home trying to get work done with one hand. It's frustrating and time-consuming, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Doc says that I need to be on cast for six weeks, and my next appointment with him will be in two weeks time. I hope to heal soon, prom's in October!! Plus I have a lot of work to complete once my wrist heals hahahahaha *hangs self in impending work*


Springfire said...

*pats you*

Take care ya?

Springfire said...

And it's izzu neway XD

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

lol izzu xD thank you *hugs*


Oh God please take care.

Wish I could visit you.

>.< I know how it feels lol

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

thanks for the thought all the same ^^ one week countdown till my visit to the doctor!! I hope the cast will be out by then! >.<