Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post :)

No, my arm is still on cast, but hey, I just felt like typing slowly anyway. I'm getting sick and bored of constantly reading up on meetups and gatherings that I can't attend (even with my cast off, I doubt if I'd join too so yes, I have a strong possibility of being a social inept in future. Ironic too, considering I'm partaking a Communications Degree)so I might as well get something done anyway.

Enough chatter on my gripes, I'm here today to talk more about my lovely day on my birthday, in which I got to spend some girl time with my sis, and with my colleagues too! (The latter was actually a surprise for me, but I'll explain later)

So, we started our outing by heading to Empire first (because I sorta promised both Lesley and Susan so, since me and Susan were pulling a trick on Lesley...somewhat lol) and after saying hi to Nick and Susan (notti people, hiding when they saw me coming!!!) me and sis headed to Colour Couture for a mani/pedi session (we tried Nail Parlour but it was expensive and didn't have what we wanted ;___;). I opted for a pedicure session since there isn't much point in getting my nails'll just end up getting destroyed while I'm at work anyway! Sis took the manicure session instead. So we spent 45 minutes luxuriating while our fingers/toes got pampered ^_^

Since the both of us were planning to watch a movie in MidValley and we had left home rather late in the afternoon, sis didn't want to waste too much time in I  called Lesley up and told her sorry, but I couldn't meetup with her. She went, "Whaaaaat~!! Noooo come here (Juice Works) now! You must comeee~!" or something like that. Fortunately my sis consented so we went back up (lol). I was quite amused at this point, cause I was wondering why Lesley wanted to meetup with me so badly. To my utter shock and surprise, they presented me with a birthday cake and chirped merrily, "Happy Birthday!". I was surprised...speechless so to speak. Never did I expect something like this at all! I felt really touched by my colleagues who chipped in to get this cake for me.  Just the day before Susan was asking me about cake flavours suggestions for her sister and well, me being dense started rattling out different flavours and told her each person has different tastes in them - which I told her later on my fave was durian (actually this happened cause I was craving for the durian cake up at Re:Lex lol). Sneaky Susan then told Lesley, who bought the cake the next day, with Jack and Syarif chipping in (when I get to see them in Pyramid, I definitely will want to thank them!)

My birthday cake; it's a durian cake from Secret Recipe! Many thanks to Jack, Syarif and Lesley for this!! I got amused over the whole Mel-Mel part, since it reads out Mei-Mei (or was that meant to be that way LOL). Look closely, you'll see an error on this cake! All of us howled with laughter cause of that xD 

Cake cutting ceremony! Hahahahaha...with my colleagues; Nick, Susan and Lesley. Sis snapped this photo for me ^_^ we ate part of the cake on the spot, in which I forced Susan and Lesley to eat them whether they like it or not! (Nyahahahahaha).

After several countless minutes later we took our leave and went to MidValley, in which the first thing we did was to get two tickets to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice at night. We had a few hours to kill in between so we (window)shopped to kill some time. Typically, we headed to Jusco to try on some clothes xD I was in need of black pants for work anyway. Sadly I couldn't find anything to my interest =/ It's hard to find a pair that would suit me *sighs*

My simplistic makeup on that day ^_^v snapped this in *duh* a changing room hahahahahaha.

Tried on this dress, loved it too! But didn't feel like getting it in the end, even though it was 50% off! Dx

One hour before the movie, we headed off for dinner at Tony Romas. For the first time ever, I actually got to eat beef ribs!! *o*b it was really awesome, and I truly enjoyed my meal (it helped that I was starving by then too hahahahaha). Sis snapped a pic of me with the meal but it's in my handphone and I'm too lazy to transfer it to my lappie lol. So our final stop was the cinema for the movie before heading home. Not going to do a write-up on the movie itself cause I'm too lazy and tired to do so nyah ha ha. Just use your imagination, or go watch that movie for yourself to review it! :P

Hey, guess what? I got really nice gifts this year, and truly appreciate them! Sis gave me a bottle of Body Shop's White Musk that I wanted, a Charles and Keith bag that I liked (honestly, am I really THAT easy to be manipulated in telling people what I like? swts), a pedicure session (and the rest of the stuff we journeyed together that day), and a box of fairy figurines. Nao and Raz got for me the 1TB external harddisk that I really needed (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *HUGGLEGLOMPS*), and Cheryl gave me a really cute Sylvanian Family kitten figurine (in which Luna is hugging now hahaha) last week when she helped me with my garden. I may not get everything that I wanted but I was happy all the same :) I think the best part of the day was still getting that lovely surprise from my colleagues. It truly touched me cause well, I was there barely a month and they threw this for me! *sniffs*

So that's it from me for the day. Shoulder's already aching cause of my sling supporting my arm. Bleh. Time for me to roll off for now. Doctor's visit in a week's time! I'm really hoping I can take off my cast by then =/



Good luck on your cast! And happy birthday as well ^^;; though its late.

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

haha thanks ^^ and no worries about my birthday, what'd good about getting old? xD