Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In Which Books Are Very Much Approved

I spent a lot of time reading e-books lately, since it's difficult to read with one hand (I've tried, countless of times...it's actually rather bothersome and tiring) so I downloaded a couple of new ebooks off the Internet. Ever since I started re-reading Howl's Moving Castle, I had the insane urge to watch the movie...and read the related books; namely Castle In The Air and House of Many Ways.

First, I downloaded the movie, which took awhile to complete downloading. Watched it...and discovered at last why some of my friends gripe about the differences between the book and the movie. Everything changed, rather. If someone were to ask me which do I prefer better, the book or the movie, I'd honestly say the book. But the movie has some good qualities to it too; it's just that well, I prefer the plot details in the book ^_^; I spent my night watching it though, and rather liked the soundtrack *time to hunt down the album soon!*

After that I searched for the remaining two e-books, and found them! These took awhile to download though, but it was finally completed! I read both books within two days hahahaha. I first read Castle in the Air, and was pretty much amused over the book. I heard Studio Ghibli made a movie out if that book too, so now I'm looking for it! :D

This time around, I'm far too lazy to type a long post hahaha. Initially wanted to write a rather emo post on friendships and life, but I don't have the motivation for now. Ah well *shrugs* till next time! :D

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michelleho said...

Download more then read it on my Baby Mini when we are away on hols la.

I have the Microsoft Reader installed dy.

And please update your Nintendo DS for me to play this hols yah! Haha!