Friday, September 17, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Then again, was rather lazy haha. While my arm has been recasted for the second time after two weeks, I'm slowly trying to mobilize it as I move about. When my cast was taken off on the third week in the hospital and went for X-ray to check the progress, my wrist felt dead and heavy...and I saw two pins sticking out from my wrist :x kinda stared at it in a rather detached way. When the doc sawed off the cast, it HURT. He was like, "Nothing wan la!" and my mind went, "Well duh, you're not the one feeling the pain!" especially when my cast got stuck to the pin and when he tried pulling it off my wrist sort of jerked along with it. Ugh. My wrist was literally a deadweight after that. Imagine sitting down for so long until you can't feel your leg after a long while, and add that feeling to the point that your leg is numbed and is like a deadweight. THAT is how it feels haha.

So last Thursday me and sis left for Raya celebrations at my aunt's place in Perak. I was staring at my dogs who...well, amuse me from time to time. So I decided to snap a few photos of them from time to time! :P 

My two sleeping dogs - Friskii Ho and Bobbie Ho :3 Friskii is true to her name; she cannot sit still for long (I managed to snap this photo during a quiet period) and loves disturbing the older dog when she can. Bobbie on the other hand, is a lazy one who loves nothing more than to sleep his days off.

The curious puppy 

Who looks at me wondering what is it I'm holding (the camera)

Bobbie's awake! He spied something outside but was too lazy to...get up. LOL

This is Friskii trying to imitate Bobbie's behavior. The wire netting has been destroyed by a rather destructive brown dog who's terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. You have no idea how irritating he can be =-=;;
So after that, I decided to snap some photos of my cast, which has scribbles now after Raya! 

Initially my cast was right up till past my elbow, but now, I can at least move my arm about ^^

My eager older cousin who wanted to sign my cast lul. He pressed against my thumb when he was writing that last two words/symbol which was rather...painful ._.

yeah that's my sister for you hahahahahaha

My cousin. LOL. Yes lar I know I'm clumsy!
Funny how these people comment so much about my clumsy fall. Dude, we fall every now and then due to carelessness or not seeing where we are going. But it's just your luck that when you fall, something decides to break along with it. I endured Raya listening to nags lol. Which is why I didn't really want to go back in the first place *sighs*
10 days more to go before the cast is removed!!!

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