Thursday, September 23, 2010


Poster taken from the official blog :)

I'm counting down to the days of my prom this year. Why? Well, I did not enjoy myself last year (come to think of it, it was the only prom I didn't enjoy hahahaha) partly because I was in the committee, but most because there wasn't much interaction among ourselves and our lecturers (we tend to be rather close-knit with our lecturers, but for some reason, last year this was not applied to prom *sighs*). Without bitching too much about it, let's just say well, there's a lot that could've been improved, myself included :)

I'm still awaiting anxiously for my dress to be done (if not, I need a backup plan! Heh) and hey, good company too to accompany me for prom this year! Hence why I'm pretty much excited this year. Location wise, it sounds interesting and posh. Not to mention the theme of this prom, which is Viva Las Vegas. You can imagine how many actually suggested me dressing up as a playboy girl bunny when I moaned about what to wear for this themed prom! Hahahahaha. No, I won't be wearing a black swimsuit with bunny ears and tail. I'll leave my intended outfit as a secret for now *smirks*

So aside from my prom, I have another countdown too~! And this countdown is shorter, which is in four days time. Can't guess? It's when my cast will finally be removed!!! *dances happily* Granted, my arm is going to look superbly ugly, not to mention my wrist will feel like it's made of lead...but hey, the cast will be off! Phew! Hahahaha. So that's two countdowns to anticipate ;)

Next week, will be a rather busy week. I won't be back for work just yet; I'm planning to go back to work on the I still need to rehabilitate my poor wrist on my own hahaha. Not to mention, well, I need to pack the house! (I'm horribly lazy...yeah) Whee me~~~

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