Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kittehs can be funneh too!

Photo taken during an International Cat Show @ Empire Shopping Gallery  

Oh hiya there, I haven't been updating for awhile now. Mostly due to laziness, but then again, I'm also trying to recover my wrist :) My cast was finally sawed off (literally!) last Saturday, and boy oh boy, was I ever so happy! The downside? I need one month more to fully recover =( so that means, according to the doc, I cannot start work anytime soon *sighs* and I really need the cash too.

Here's a funny story from me: roughly two months back when I was browsing through I came across a job ad and applied for it. I went for an interview roughly two weeks later (with a couple of miscommunications with my interviewer on settling the interview date...) and never heard from them again. According to my interviewer, she hinted that I might not get the job since it's more marketing-oriented, in which I am not a marketing student in the first place (lol). So...I never gave much hope in that. Two months later (roughly a week ago), to my utter surprise, I received a phonecall from that company! HE (yes , the caller was a male) did not give his name (tsk tsk) but asked me why did I apply for that job initially; whether it was for the sake of a part-time job or whether I was really interested in the industry - of course this was asked after several  polite conversation fillers. I replied honestly that  both reasonings were true for me. He then asked me if I'm currently working/studying, which obviously, I am still tied down to JuiceWorks, which I explained to him anyway. He then said if I'm still interested I could always apply again...and hung up shortly after that without mentioning his name LOL. He wasn't rude or anything, but OMG no name? xD I think he was in a rush or he just plain forgot. Halla, I wasn't even in my right mind when I answered that phonecall! So moral of the story: be prepared for anything LOL.

I'm still planning to check them out once I can drive myself around properly though. I really am interested in this field of industry, better than F&B hahaha. I just hope I can still secure a job there if it's possible :) At the moment I'll still be working at JuiceWorks; I don't really want to quit as of next month cause the station's going to be very very understaffed . Two colleagues of mine will be quitting and the other will be heading off for her well-deserved break. So it's just me...and my boss? Oh wow. Please you people out there, apply for a job at Juice Works, Empire Shopping Gallery!!! Hahahahahaha.

Prom is in two days time, and Misaki...isn't confirming when she'll be mailing the outfit oWo I wonder if she'll mail it today...*crosses fingers* am hoping for the best for this year's prom! I will have my share of fun no matter what, regardless of all those negativities I've been experiencing from so many miscommunications and last minute-ness! Yes *nods* I.will.enjoy.myself.

Photo taken during an International Cat Show @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Rather apt, I feel; that particular statement of that grumpy kitteh! Hahahahahahaha so here's cheers to me, and hope for the best~I have roughly 50 badges to sew, excluding 30 pouches, 20 BJD accessories, several BJD outfits and props,  and two commission works to complete. All that in less than 90 days. With an injured wrist. Oh yay me!

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