Sunday, July 04, 2010

One shot down, one reluctantly relinquished

Some of you may have heard about it, but I was (and still am) looking for a job since last week. So I managed to secure two job interviews last week; one as a beauty consultant and the other, a part-time cashier.

Some weird karma screwed everything up, and I ended up mistaking my beauty consultant job interview for another day (it was actually on a Wednesday but I kept thinking it was on a Thursday) and therefore, bye bye job interview. It was my fault really, but then again, thinking back, she didn't specify what date exactly either (I mentioned Wednesday but no date, and she never replied). Trying to get another interview but from the looks of it, probably won't get it anymore *sighs*

My second interview was rather successful, even though I won't be taking up that job offer. My interviewer was a really pleasant lady who knew how to put us at ease (there were three of us taking up the interview at the same time). First thing she mentioned when the other two were present was that we are required to converse in ENGLISH at all times. Then she went on about our basic duties, what sort of difficulties we may experience, the emphasis on punctuality and work ethics, the harsh actions taken upon those who try to steal or smuggles items out from the company, and so on.

Would you believe it, this interview took three hours to complete!! Hahahahahahahaha...then again, after the other two left, I sat there with my interviewer discussing further about the job...and she eventually advised me against this job offer. Her reasons were valid, and the echoed my own doubts as well. The problems of transportation (it roughly takes me 45 minutes to reach there; 30 if I pay extra for tol) and late night shifts (I'm a girl, work may drag till midnight. Go figure) would end up killing me or leading me to danger at most. So yes, I had a lot of fun talking to my interviewer, but sadly, I won't be taking this job up. Might perhaps, instead, apply for other job positions available in that company. Perhaps. Somehow the work atmosphere there strongly reminded me of my very own college faculty in back in those days. *sighs*

So now I am back to square one. Looking for a part time job. I would like to have a fulltime job....but it's not easy without a proper degree cert so for now, part time job will do. FML

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Alethea said...

Awww, that sucks! Keep trying. Gambateh.