Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bound Books for BJD - Your opinion? :)


As some of you might have already known, my friend has taken an interest in crafting stuffs for BJD up for sale ^^ She's currently in midst of getting some prototypes done so for now, most items are MSD or yo-SD scaled size.

For now, here's some MSD and Yo-SD sized bound books. They are plain bound books so you can use them as journals and/or scribble your own works in there.

Naughty Lunabelle decides to take a sneak peek into Alex's 'empty' journal LOL

Alex's book reminds me of a recipe book hahahahaha

It took me so many fiddlings to get her to pose properly with the book lol. I am not good at this *sighs*

Luna seems to really love this book oWo

How the book looks like when being held by a MSD :3 Alex thinks it looks like a recipe book hahahaha

This journal would suit Luna better due to its size...but if it's held by MSD or SD, probably a mini note/pocket book? :3

Price range estimation are as follows:

Yo-SD sized: RM15-20
MSD sized: RM20-25
SD sized: RM20-30

Pricing depends on complexity and details...as well as materials used ^^

All materials used above are paper and cloth (for binding the spine) :)

If anyone is interested, give me a buzz on MSN about it? I'm usually online most of the time (even if you don't see me online, just buzz me. I tend to appear offline to avoid conversations lol)

Here are some details to consider when wanting a commission work:

- Book size (SD, MSD, Yo-SD)
- Pages (white, yellowed white)
- Front cover detail (blank, picture - if yes, what sort etc)
- Book binding (what color?)
- Front cover pattern (plain black, victorian, etc)
- Additional details? (bookmark thong, elastic bookmarker, etc)

That's all for now...I guess? ^^

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Nice! Will inform if I want it.