Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What a day!

My art when rushed is...interesting lmao


I had an interview at 11am today at Solaris Mont Kiara. It would be my first time driving out THAT far without any knowledge of that place, so I tried google-mapping it up...and didn't even understand the direction routes given!! Hahahahaaha

So, waking up at 8.17am (first my sis called me up then Nao called me up hahahaha yay for double-calls!) and left home at about 9.10am. Filled up my car with petrol and began my nervous journey to Mont Kiara.

Since I didn't know the way, I ended up taking Penchala Link highway via Damansara (roads were surprisingly clear) and from there, it'll be all trial and error.

I was in midst of swearing and cursing at those impatient drivers who thinks expensive cars deserve to be reckless and dangerous on road....when I spotted "MONT KIARA" signboard and turned left into that slip road. *stares at surroundings*

Uhh.....where am I?

*looks around* OH. I am at Hartamas...apparently. *goes further up*

Is this...Mont Kiara already? *rounds around, making some stupid wrong turns...stares around* ZOMG I AM STILL AT HARTAMAS WTF?!

*continues going straight, stressed out cause there are NO road signs whatsoever to Solaris*

*drives on...and on....and on....and on....*

OH WAIT! I see a COLD STORAGE @ Solaris Mont Kiara signboard!!! *goes straight on*

....OMG did I miss a turning? I don't see that Cold Storage anywhere!! D:

*passes by Mont Kiara International School* EHHHHHH THIS WAS IN THE MAP GIVEN!!!! *goes straight on*

It was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong road after that...I continued to go on straight all the way.

OH YES! I SEE WENDY'S ON MY LEFT!!! *continues following road*

After driving for several minutes more, I FINALLY FOUND SOLARIS MONT KIARA!!!!! oTL looked pretty deserted during the day, but yeah. Went round the place twice via car just to check it out before parking at the basement.

When I went up the car park lift, to my amusement, I was directly below the company's office! Haahahahaha. But since I was 30 minutes early (yes I was early...and stoning like hell) I decided to grab some breakfast if I can find it. Since I spotted Cold Storage, went there..and freaked out at the emptiness of the place. lol. Took a can of BOSS coffee, paid, and left. Halfway back to my car (had thought of drinking coffee in the car while waiting for time to pass by) I spotted Coffee Bean in front of the office door. Like, durrrrrrrrr.

Went to Coffee Bean instead and took the Bagel+Cream cheese set. I had roughly 15 minutes to finish my food...which I didn't in the end hahahaha. Bagel is in my bag, along with my BOSS coffee.

10.55am, I went up to the office. It took me a minute to figure out where the office is since there weren't any signages outside the office hall that mentions the company lol. Once in, I dithered nervously cause no one came to ask who I was looking for. Finally a guy who coincidentally walked in front of me and I asked for the interviewer (thank goodness I have a referral name to inquire for) and he told me to have a seat and fill in the application form.

I was left on my own for 30 minutes lmao. Filled up my form within 10 minutes? Spent the rest of my time doodling in my organizer still feeling stoned hahahaha.

When the interviewer finally arrived, we chatted for like, what, 10 minutes? It was the basic stuffs of why, where, how much, what position, etc...and it was over. 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES. LoL! I don't even know if that's a bad thing, or a good thing.

I was somewhat stoning when I left that place. Now to wonder if I'll get this job or not

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Alethea said...

What a funny day you had! Man, if I was driving at Msian road, I'd be on my way to some forest or something. :P