Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer review

**Please note that this photo was taken off the Internet, so credits to where this photo originally belong**

Yes, after so long, I've finally decided to write a short review for this miracle wand I've been using for the past six months on and off! *_* Go me!! Hahahaaha

Well first of all, don't let that photo size deceive you. It's exactly the same as I have with me right now and it's the XL pot, which is roughly 10ml in that pot. Sounds little, I know, but it really goes a long way (unless you use it wastefully, I'd say it'll last for quite some time).

So how do you use this little wand of wonder? In the beginning, I was rather wasteful and dabbed the wand right on my eyelid, which was far too much for my liking (and not to mention using up more primer than necessary). Then I found a little trick of dabbing some on the back of my hand and carefully dab the primer from there to my eyelids. With just that one dab on the back of my hand, both my eyelids are primed! A fun tip: wait about a minute for the primer to set in properly before applying on your favorite eyeshadow over it!

Now for the fun part: effects of the primer.

UDP's texture is smooth and rather satin-like (unless you used too much) and once blended in well onto your skin, it leaves a smooth finish without much of that oily feeling. Of course, being the primer, you should apply a base eyeshadow onto your eyelid a few minutes after.

I like keeping things simple when I attend to normal shopping outings or when meeting up with relatives, so I would use ELF Eye Transformer (the beige palette color) as a base eyeshadow followed by FASIO's liquid eyeliner to pop my eyes out a bit (Asian eyes, so no goldfish eyes for me!). Mascara is applied on too but that's another matter alltogether.

True to its word, I find UDP actually allows my eye makeup to last longer without fading or melting off. This proved to be exceptionally good during my cosplaying periods when I tend to run around aimlessly a lot. Not to mention the fact that the weather in this country is mostly hot and humid, causing most of my carefully applied makeup to melt eventually in time. Interestingly, while my foundation would end up caking (when I wear glasses, darned nose ridge support part tends to go all cakey on me) my eye makeup will still remain the same. Even when I apply pencil eyeliner (which tends to bleed in time, given that my eyes are those slit type) they would last far longer that I'd expected. Sure, that won't last the whole day (I blink my eyes a lot haha) but it's better than without the magic of UDP!

I don't have photos of me with the primer, but hey, it's meant to be as a base coat for your eyelids before dabbing on your eyeshadow, so it won't be obvious! What I plan to do, though, is to snap a photo of me before I leave home (primed with UDP of course!) and one after I've reached home later on the day. That way, the difference will be more obvious, yes? :)

This will be on my Christmas list for sure!

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