Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates of my life....somewhat

It’s been awhile since I have updated my blog, huh? Well a lot of things happened (and I got lazy hahahaha) so yeah…

Anyways to classically break down what’s been going on with me into several separate categories:

Yep ladies and gentlemen, this blur girl has finally graduated from her degree! I can hear echoes of relief as they say, “Finally!”. Hahahahaa took me such a long while to graduate, eh? *smirks* sorry about that. It was a pretty interesting ceremony, though I felt it could have been better. Met up with college mates that I have not met in ages, et cetera et cetera. Ceremony was okay, though the time schedule went messy (let’s face it, our events time schedule tend to skewer out of hand most of the time anyway). And lunch provided was a letdown. I mean, we have to eat while standing? No chairs were provided; and the tables given were basically those cocktail tables you can find outside a ballroom for guests to mingle with their champagne glasses. Oh wow, such a nice thing. Apparently the surge of last minute guests went up the roof, and this means that that tiny ballroom allocated only for food cannot bear all of them at once. Hence the lack of chairs. And tables. BUT I say, let there be chairs! Especially for the senior citizens. It’s really unfair to let everyone stand while eating. Didn’t our parents and teachers teach us NOT to eat while standing? And here they are doing that very thing D: No wonder I saw a lot of upset and/or dissatisfied faces leaving the hall (I was there late cause I went off to settle my robes then). So that’s the story of my graduation…somewhat. I’m still waiting for photos from my sister mwahahahahaha

I got a job! Started working 13th December onwards and so far, I’m enjoying myself. Workload-wise is quite lax at the moment since it’s the year end and the office is relatively a ghost town daily haha. I suppose the insanity will begin only next month. For now, I’m taking my time learning the ropes :)

Comic Fiesta
This was just last week by the way. The insane pressure to get it all done by then was…insane. Basically I had to rush a LOT of things for sale, and I was not even cosplaying! Had a lot of issues and dramas no thanks to a couple of idiots in my life (and in some ways, have lost my respect over them by now). I couldn’t even get my last minute costume attempt done cause of the shit I had been facing at home. No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with my sister :) Anyway that’s another story altogether (one that I won’t be talking about much publicly) so let’s head back to the story of Comic Fiesta, shall we? I headed there directly from work, and met up with Nao and Raz. Went for dinner at Wendys (I took the kiddys meal cause it was the cheapest! LOL) and met up with Liq there. After dinner I headed to I-Socks to get pantyhose for the event (I may not be cosplaying but I still planned to dress up!) and stumbled across other CF-ers along the way!! First we saw Wen, Vivian, and the rest of the gang (Sorry if I don’t know a lot of you; I don’t mingle much in the first place lol). Then we saw evil!!!! OMG EVIL YOU FREAKED THE HELLUVA ME WHEN YOU SUDDENLY BROKE INTO A RUN TOWARDS ME LOL! But it was fun anyway!! Only in CF, we do these crazy shit. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

Day one was fine, in a way. Crowd was insane and more than once, none of my group members could relieve me cause the insane amount of crowd literally blocked off the pathway for them to get to our booth. AND because there are four of us and only two booth tags, they cannot enter through the back. Horrible, I say. That really did upset me a lot, cause it was hard to even call anyone in the first place in the noisiness. Oh and apparently the doors were not opened at 8am as promised for the booth owners to set up their merchandises. Not sure if this is true cause I went there at about 9.30am. What made me upset, though, was the insensitivity of the emcee of that morning then. He kept asking us whether we’re ready cause the crowd outside was getting impatient etc etc. Uhh hello? There were only like, 10 booths at that time and everyone was still doing their best to set up as fast as they can. You did not help by trying to rush us okay? Forget the crowd, think how we feel too. It was mentioned the doors will open for public at 10.30am-11am; you rushed us at 10am. Seriously, what? I say let them wait! Jeez. Other doujin booth owners looked at me with amusement when I kept yelling to shut up and hold on each time he asked that godforsaken stupid question. Seriously, wtf dude. That really did not make my day.
Day two was, in retrospective, slightly better. For once, I was not the one there to set up the booth. I had to head back upstairs to rush off completing more felt badges for sale so I was only at the hall at about 3-4pm. And even then, the insane crowd was definitely insane. Felt rather sad cause I did not meet up with a lot of people that I had wanted to meet up then. And I know that I won’t be seeing them for another couple of months of maybe even a year; until another event pops up where we will all be there *sighs* I did not enjoy myself this year, which is pretty much a sad thing. The tiredness killed me badly this time around; I literally dropped out from the world as soon as my head touched the sofa back in the hotel room…I am such a bad hostess I’m so so very sorry! >_<

I suppose that’s all I’ll blog about for now. Don’t want to bore anyone with any sordid details hahahaha

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