Saturday, January 01, 2011

Project 365-1: Happy New Year 2011!

Even Alex wants to join the fun haha

Well, this will be the first post of the year for me I suppose. Happy New Year everyone, how did you spend your last moments of 2010 last night? With friends? With family? With your online gaming pals?

Haha well for me, I spent it with my two dogs and my ever so faithful laptop all the way. Having fun gaming in AION Online helped too! Why didn't I go out? Many reasons really, but I suppose my main reason would be that I didn't want to face the insane traffic last night. Roadblocks everywhere, standstill traffic and certain accidents here and thanks haha.

Every year the celebration gets hyped up and every year, the whole traffic problems just get worse. So why stress over it? Just stay at home! \^o^/

So once again, Happy New Year to everyone; may you have a prosperous BUNNY year this year!!

Resolutions? Oh I don't know...I won't post mine up here that's for sure!! Oh? You want to know? Hmm okay maybe just one resolution then! I resolve to commence Project 365 all way through this year! Only instead of using photos, I'll be blogging every day, no matter how short the post it, I shall blog at least once per day! Hopefully I'll improve my English and my muses will come back to me when I'm through with this hahaha!

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Jennie said...

That's an awesome entry,Sil ^^ And love the pic. I enjoyed my the new year with my family at home,watched a movie until totally forgot that it was over midnight x3 Silly,us. -Jen-