Sunday, January 02, 2011

Project 365-2: Dollmeet

I just love snapping photos of Alex; cause she loves me doing so! :)

So yesterday was my first day blogging for the year; therefore this will be my second post for the second day :) What is for today? Dollmeet I suppose.

I met up with a couple of my friends earlier today at The Curve while having a mini dollmeet at the same time. It's amazing how we were so close to each other during Comic Fiesta last year...and yet so far. I did not manage to talk to so many people during the event and I realized that further today. Seriously. I wanted to splurge and indulge on getting new outfits and commissions for my kids...but sadly the ill-managed traffic control prevented me for that *sighs*

Ah well, I had a nice bitc--i mean, friendly chatting session with my mates about everything in general, and it was nice to keep up to date as well :)

Some wonder, why do we have dollmeets in the first place? I suppose for me (I know there are a lot of reasons, but these are why I feel sums up our dollmeets anyway) it is cause:

1) Friendly meetups - getting to know new people as well as meeting up with old ones
2) Tips, techniques, advices - as one of the 'green' mates of the community, I know I still have yet a lot to learn; and this is a good way to do so. Dolls aside, issues like faceups, commissioned/handmade clothes, eyes, etc carries issues of importance as well!
3) Cash-on-delivery - when else can we meet up to pass items that we have bought in a group order? This is an excellent time to collect your long-awaited goods!!
4) HAVE FUN!!!! This is the main reason of having a dollmeet. We want to have fun! With other doll owners, as well as with our dolls :)

So yes, our hobbies might be deemed as odd or strange to you, but hey, it is our hobby and our interest. It's something we all enjoy and therefore, we meet up occassionally to sit down and gossip the day away. It's just another way of meeting up at the mamak and have a bitching session for the day haha.

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