Monday, January 03, 2011

Project 365-3: Self-pampering

Have a drink, have a mocktail! :)

Going to Summit today was pretty eventful for me I suppose. Gotten a hair scalp treatment that my hair desperately need (that I know for sure...was constantly badgered by numerous hairstylists to plump up my hair with moisture cause it was sooooooooo dry) and later on, a hydrating facial treatment. So now my hair feels less dry (I think) and my face looks like it's been bitten by 20 mosquitoes!! Hahahahaha but that's only temporary. Beautician actually managed to scrape off a lot of my black- and whiteheads to the point that my skin is actually smooth to touch! A big plus to her when she did NOT poke and press my growing pimple (I know most beauticians do that...or well, the ones that I had been to before anyway) and instead told me to let it ripen and go off on its own. Thumbs up for that!

I suppose now I'll be ready for tomorrow...? Hahahahaha cheers to me, work starts again in less than 12 hours lol

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