Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365-12: The Path of Life

Malaysian Lolita Outing back in 2010, my first gathering :)

Days have passed, time has flown. I sat back reminiscing those good old days when life was less complicated and a whole lot As I sat in front of my laptop thinking back of the times me and my friends had a lot of fun, I started to smile. Granted, not every single memory is as sweet as sugar, but they'll do. I've had bumps and hiccups along the way, especially in rediscovering who I am, and who I can trust. Ironically the ones that I trust the least are usually the males. Once bitten, twice shy. So yes, that's why :)

Back to my Form Six years; I was one of the few among my friends who were brave enough to venture into the intense world of STPM.

Sometimes along the way, I felt as though I was caught in a riptide that I could not escape from; and sometimes I just like drifting off alongside the waves...why fight it when you can ride it, yes? I suppose it depends at times.

I remember the days when we would fight over some trivial matter that seemed so terribly important back then, and laugh about now when we think about it. Imagine fighting with your best friend over a guy when we were both only eight! And that guy is clueless about it all even when we blatantly fought for his attention right in front of him! Hahahaha...those were the days man; both me and her, we're tomboys. So we can be really outspoken and abrupt in that manner. We would scream and yell at each other, especially when we wanted to prove a point.

How we have grown up so much from then :)

Give yourself a smile, and laugh the days away :) Photo was taken approximately 6 years ago (I think) when my best friend was still in Malaysia

Back in those days, I have a pretty low self-estemm; mainly due to the fact as to how the males tend to either kick and abuse my self-esteem in so many ways; or just assume that it is fine for them to make full use of me to get closer to any of my friends (-50 self-esteem if I happen to like the guy) so yes, I have very little faith in men back then hahaha. Imagine this: A guy you like asked you if you could set up a date with your friend. You agreed, though you're not happy about it, but at the very least, he'll be happy (yes, with your friend). THEN he started asking you to be their chaperone (when they were in a relationship) and demanded that you should take good care of her when he's not around etc etc. How do you survive such a blow of your ego and self-esteem? *sighs*

Thankfully it's sorted out in the end. Mainly between me and my friend; cause I'd rather lose a loser than to lose my friend :) Such a cute mini story from me today hahaha.

Say RED! It was from my 21st Birthday :) I love you guys for being there for me when I need you :)


Alethea said...

Memories. Those are indeed memorable times. Glad we made it through!

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

Very much so. I even remember the days when we decided not to talk to each other...for a year to that! And then we resolved it in the end :)

Those were indeed very much...those days :P