Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 365-13: The Simplicity of a Ramli Burger

Forgive me for the lack of photo, I can't seem to find one that I like off Google haha (yes I never snapped any of my own).

Anyway today as I was driving back home, I had a sudden urge to eat Burger Benjo, or Egg Burger in English. So I decided to stop by the burger stall located by the side of the row of shopping lots in my neighbourhood to buy one before heading home.

Now I have only started buying burger from these lovely couple who worked behind the stall about 3 weeks ago; and continued buying from them from time to time cause, well, I love Burger Ramly in the first place! Somehow no McDonalds or Wendys or even Carls Jr can defeat this simple burger! Hahaha ;)

Back to the story; Now the couple running the stall are really friendly, and they love to chat. So I ended up chatting with them every now and then. Mostly I just got amused over them. Approximately 3-4 days back, I went back there (after two weeks, cause hey, I have a life too!) to buy some burgers for me and my sister. The lady greeted me warmly and then she said, "Lama tak nampak! Cuti ke?" (In translation, she said "Haven't seen you in awhile now. Were you on a break?" and it tickled me that she thought so. I told her no, I was just busy with work and all, hence why I never went there to buy her burgers then. So we chatted and chatted while the burger was sizzling on the hot grille. She told me that they decided not to open on weekends cause business had been slow on this two days (after one month trial, they surmised so) so she told me to come and find them only on weekdays if I want to buy their burgers. Felt kind of sad about it, but then again, hey, how often do I eat burgers? Hahaha.

Earlier on today I went to buy myself the egg burger, and guess what did she say to greet me? "Lama tak jumpa!" ("Haven't seen you for a long while now!") and that made me laugh out loud. Here's how our conversation went on back then:

Her: Hey amoi, lama tak jumpa! Buat apa sekarang?

Me: (LOL!) Mana lama? I baru beli burger minggu lepas, kan?

Her: Tapi tu...3 hari lalu! Lama la tu!

Me: (LOOOOOOOOL) Oh err...ya ka... ^^;

Her: Semalam ada amoi beli burger kat sini, kiterang ingatkan tu awak. Nampak pun hampir serupa!

Me: O_O errrr iyaka....hahaha semalam I pun balik lambat, takde masa nak beli burger ^^;

*continues prattling about the supposed lady who supposedly looked like me*

Within a couple of minutes, I have learned that there is a lady who looks like me driving a white car, one of their friends(?) is also from Perak (Kuala Kangsar), and the lady loves the peanut cookies from Chinese New Year.

I can't help it, I'll admit that I find them really really friendly. It's these type of people that will drive me to buy from them frequently! Hell I don't mind eating burger every alternate day just to boost their sales...and fill my tummy. I like their service :)

So that's it for my funny story for today ^_^v I need to start packing now! My company trip begins tomorrow and I'm faily excited about it! Should I attend their Trapeze lessons? :D

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