Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365-20: The Handmade Movement

Are you ready for this? :D

Helping out a friend here, cause I myself am one of the interested...people (though I doubt if I'll ever join...I'm too lazy to create anything new with the little time tha I have! Hahaha) who's contemplating on going there and snag all of those awesome goodies that I can find!

Basically in this bazaar, vendors will be displaying craft supplies for sale to the public. Now frankly, I have never seen this being done before, and this time around the bazaar is organized by a very talented craftsmaker that I am glad to have made an aquaintance with! You can check out her awesome tales of Jasper (whom, by the way, is her adorable baby boy) and the list of things she had made up for sale! She also posts tutorials from time to time that are relatively easy to follow :)

So if that small paragraph of her has triggered your interest by now, check out LvBeii's Blog now!

As for you guys whom are interested to join in as one of the supply vendor, do check out The Handmade Movement for more information! :)

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