Monday, January 24, 2011

Giving up

In the end, I think I gave up on my Project 365 once again haha. I guess my commitment level to deliver a post a day is rather fickle, especially since I’ve stopped in less than a month. Photo-365 is, in a way, easier I guess, since I was able to cheat for a little while on my days. Blog posting daily on the other hand, is more difficult (even though yes, I know there is such a thing as scheduled blog posting) cause I need to actually sit down and think and type as I go.

Anyways for the time being, work is taking up most of my life (so what else is new, eh?) though I am still enjoying what I am doing right now :) Yes even after 7 weeks I am still happy…that is a good sign, yes? Hahaha. At the moment I’m trying to slot in some time to get some reviews done cause I know I owe a couple of people some reviews…for the past year lol. Will try harder yosh!
For now, I’m going to end this blogpost (cause I have no idea what to ramble on next for now) and roll back to Facebook and Twitter (well duh, my work revolves around those two in the first place!)

See you on my next blogpost! ^^/


Alethea said...

everyday blogging is a bit too high upkeep. try once a week or so. :) anyways, good try.

Bay said...

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