Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uncontrolled train (of thoughts)

And the cat goes, "Whaddya want?"

Recently, I’ve come to realize that when it comes to sitting down to type out something for my blog, I immediately face the legendary wall of blankness. Yeah, I get writer’s block. First of all, I constantly wonder what should I write up on; should I ramble on and on about my daily boring life? Or perhaps chatter incessantly about what’s going on around me, no matter how dull and droll it may be. I wonder…

Then I realized this: how many people are actually reading my blog in the first place? Granted, when I first revived this blog, it was used as a platform for me to spazz non-stop about my dolls and the meetups we have had for the past few years. Then I started writing other stuffs too, though I still keep it pretty general and easy-going. Why do I do this anyway?
Well for starters, I try not to involve too complicated rants that could affect people. It happened before and I did not like how it went downhill from there. For another, I am still uncomfortable about exposing my deep, dark secrets publicly. Kind of like airing my own dirty laundry for everyone to read up on I guess. But none of that. I’d prefer to have my blog about the meaningless ramblings at each passing thought that flits through my mind; especially when they turn out to be somewhat intriguing and thought-challenging. Yes well, it happens.

For example, when I lie down on my bed to take a nap (or sleep) I somehow end up thinking and/or daydreaming about so many different incidences of what could have been and what had been gone through in life. Mostly imaginative, but still interesting to dissect further to imagine the different branches of what-could-have-been. Say, for example, I started remembering those good old days in school where I was this meek prefect who hated her duties of taking care of classes when the teachers are out for a meeting. I was constantly teased (cause I was this young prefect taking care of a bunch of older kids in a class) to the point that I simply wanted to walk out of the class. Thinking back, I started daydreaming of what-might-have-been if I had been more strict or perhaps, more approachable. Will those methods work out better? True, these are all solutions that are purely theoretical but that is what makes this whole thing fun. I get to imagine stuff.

Mmhmm…and now I’m a bit blur at what am I currently saying. Hey my train of thoughts just decided to take me to a detour elsewhere! So I guess this blog post is me proving a point as to how I tend to just end up rambling meaninglessly in my blog without a proper plot or context hahahaha.

Not to worry, I won’t do this all the time….much. I’ll be posting up some reviews and advertorial blog posts after this of the stuffs that I like for the heck of it. Not to mention cosmetics reviews since I miss getting those done too! :D

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