Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Rabbit comes to play

Late, but hey, Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating :)

I know I've been missing in action for the past three weeks or so from my blog. Sorry about that; Chinese New Year was actually hectic for me this year (this coming from a girl who did practically nothing but staring at walls on the day and I didn't even log in online until I was back at work (I did, however, use my mobile once in awhile to check on Twitter and Facebook...but apart from that, na-da) and even then, work decide to swamp me.

It started out okay...then out of the blue a couple of extras decided to pay me a visit. So I was basically up to my eyeballs trying to clear the pile. Some may scoff and say, hey, your workpile can't even compare to the one I have; but I'm still trying to familiarize myself with so many jargons and new concepts that I just find myself...helpless at times. Still, I am trying...and so far I think everything is okay. I just hope I don't screw up too much. I have the tendency to let that happen before I rectify it. Some may say that's the way life works; one needs to make mistake to learn from it. But I seriously do not want to make too many mistakes. It may be fatal to my job, yes?

*sighs* typing out a blog post when feeling demotivated is probably not the best idea lol.

It's Valentine's Day today, what are you lovebirds doing? :)

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