Thursday, February 24, 2011

How App'd to have Apps

Okay that was me attempting to be quirky and funny. I guess I failed *ducks* Can anyone guess what my blog post will be about? No? Yes? Don't know? Staring at my post with that d'oh! face?

Well, let's face it, you'd probably choose that last option. When one says apps, two things pops in mind: Facebook apps and mobile apps (or at least it does to me). In this case, I'll be talking about mobile apps. Well, only two to be more specific.

Personally, I find these two apps to be both useful and entertaining. The good and the bad. National and international. Cool and...errr....okay I'm running away from the point again *smacks self* ANYWAY. Here's the two apps that I've come across that I find pretty cool to have on my phone.

This is a pretty cool app brought to you by Maxis. The main point to this app is simple: Find and share great places you can think of in one place. Finder301 acts like an extensive directory that helps you to figure out where's the nearest facility or dining experience from where you are right now.

For example, say I am feeling rather hungry and am craving for some old school nasi lemak. Here's what I do:

I type in "Nasi Lemak" and send it to 301 (via SMS)

Oh look, results received!

You're even given a map just in case the address alone can't help you find the place (or a person who's basically me!)
Imagine that extensive list of dining experience you can find with just one text message! Pretty cool, considering we have a LOT of makan places in Klang Valley itself, yes? Oh, by the way, you can also do your part by contributing information of places that you find awesome and really really good too! Sharing is caring, yes? :3

So there you go, the basics of how it works. If you want to know more of these awesome stuff, head over to Finder301 and check it out today! Note: You gotta be a Maxis/Hotlink subscriber to use this.
Moving on, let's take a break from food and look into news. No, I don't mean dry news (you know, the ones that we read on newsprint or online about economy and so on) but news about the world of entertainment worldwide. What am I talking about? Why, it is....

For those of you who are unaware of what E! stands for, it's basically a news portal for entertainment news, photos and videos. What caught my attention is how much these news tend to show off the latest styles celebs are wearing, especially during awards ceremony! A good way to "Steal That Look" eh? Well, I think so anyway.

Oh look, Justin Bieber's on the screen. And on video too! =P There's also a caption below asking readers to Vote for the best dressed at Grammys, so you know what that means....moar clothes!! :D

News aside, you can also check out the shows that are on E! using this app as well. Hey, fave shows in one app. I like that! Wonder if I can find Giuliana & Bill series; now THAT is one fun watch (plus Life with Kimora too!)

Sounds fab? To me it is! Well, the me that rarely updates on entertainment and fashion, this is one app I won't give a miss to get my daily perk-ups. Fashion police can be quite a meanie, but OMG it shows that even celebs do it wrong from time to time! Confidence boost + 80 for that for me! *laughs*

So bottomline, apps are fun. Apps can be helpful. It just balls down to how much do you need your app for :)

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