Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365-9: Distasteful services

So it's my final day of my stay at Traders Hotel Penang. I must say, I am not terribly pleased with the quality of service I've been observing and receiving from this hotel. I must, as well, emphasize that this hotel is rated FIVE STAR. So obviously, I expect excellent services, yes?


There were a lot of peeves I noticed about this hotel, but I'll mainly point out the ones that happened last night at the wedding reception.

First peeve that happened to us: severe lack of paper bags or any means of packaging in the hotel. Okay so as how Chinese wedding (or any weddings for that matter I suppose) goes, guests tend to give red packets to the lucky newlyweds as a wedding gift during the reception itself. Obviously there will be more than one family/couple/person so the amount of red packets or tokens will be a LOT. It's not wise to carry around these many packets of cash in public, yes? So my sister went and ask the hotel supervisor (who was there in charge then) for a paper bag, or at least, a plastic bag, to store the red packets. Guess what he said? "Sorry miss, we don't have any (paperbags/plastic bags etc) cause it's a Saturday and the storage room is locked." or something along that line anyway. My sis told me about this later with a very irritated WTF look on her face...and the same expression was then transferred to me.

So. No bags cause the storage room is locked and it's a Saturday so there's no way you can get the keys? HMMMMMMMMM wow what a nice hotel service there.

Second peeve: poor dinner service. People oh people of the industry, you are catering for a wedding. Ensure at the very least, that the trainees you have hired know what to do. I saw many of them stumbling along the food presentation (though it's a minor setback, but still) and rather sloppy food service as well. The used plates were not changed effectively enough (in most Chines weddings that I have attended, plates were changed at least three times, whereas in this case, it was exactly three at very irregular timings). Food being served was also pretty sloppy, especially when the waiter/waitress had to dish out the soup for us. Tsk tsk

Of course this was just on the restaurant service itself. The hotel on its own, well, that's a whole different story. I was actually bored in the room, because the TV channel selection was...pathetic. I ended up trying to read my story book cause I didn't know what else to do. Complimentary high speed broadband? Apparently not. I tried updating my blog last Saturday using my sister's laptop and I was disconnected every minute or so that I just gave up in frustration in the end. I never bothered trying after that.

Concierge does not know how to piece their words properly, and may cause upset and anger among customers. I believe smile is a good way to greet a hotel guest? :)

Ah well, that's over with. I don't want to stay there again that's for sure. For a higher price, I'd rather go back to Berjaya Times Square hotel or Parkroyal Hotel, KL again instead lol

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