Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 364-8: A Wedding, and life goes on

Okay so apparently the nice post I had typed out when I was at Traders Hotel, Penang, has been swallowed up by the Internet.


Saturday was an...interesting day. I was greeted in the morning by several things: two phone calls from my uncle to my sister, a text message from Raz...and finally a phone call from the same uncle earlier asking me if I can emcee the wedding dinner tonight.

Now imagine me, being such a blur idiot who was awakened by this phone call. I went O_O!!!! all at once hahaha. But all the same, I accepted it. Apparently the actual emcee was hospitalized (no idea why, I never asked) so they were short of emcee. I was amused at my uncle's reasoning though - that I should be able to do it cause I was cause I am a Mass Comm major student. So studying MassComm automatically makes me an awesome babe being able to talk spontaneously on stage? xD Nevertheless, I'm flattered to be asked and yes, I did it!

It was a simple emcee quest so with the help from my sister, the both of us drafted out the basic script for the evening and off we go~

Overall, the experience of emcee-ing a simple wedding was...interesting. Not that I want to do that again hahahaha. I don't want to blather too much for now, so check out my next incoming post about my displeasure over the hotel services (yes I am displeased for a supposed FIVE star hotel have such bad services)

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