Friday, January 07, 2011

Project 365-7: A new account

A quick post update for today (no photos, sorry!), since I will be heading off to Penang later to attend my cousin’s wedding tomorrow (I suspect this means I might need to update my blog tomorrow another day, eep!).

Finally, I now have a Maybank account. For those of you wondering, I never had one and I knew I had to have this account when I started work for my salary to be banked in promptly. So today right after I had gotten a reference letter, I went straight to the bank (after settling my tasks beforehand first of course) and applied for a new account. Took me almost an hour to get it done but now it’s done! I am now a proud owner of a new debit card hahahahahaa (and I’m broke too cause I had to deposit an amount of cash to activate it lol! It’s not much, but enough to kill off my cash in hand right now) though I still have got to settle a lot of ATM issues for now. I need to activate my online account via the machine etc and yeah, I haven’t done it yet. Long story short, I got blur. Hahahahaha

Hey Jen, heard you’re at Maybank now, yes? How about helping me if say I’ll end up in trouble with my account some day? *laughs* Only kidding; most of the services are now internet based so I suppose that lessens the whole manpower issue thing so yeah, cheers to it 

That’s it for today’s post. See you tomorrow! (or Sunday if I don’t manage to get it up tomorrow) :D

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