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Beauty & Fashion Workshop [Day Two]

One month hiatus, my apologies. Let me continue with my event review for the Beauty & Fashion workshop that I was kindly invited to as a blogger by Maxis :)

Due to the sad incident I had with my memory card reader, all of my photos that I have had taken on Day Two went kaput when my memory card was corrupted. So for these few photos I have here, all credits goes to LouiseXin whom I had requested if I could use her photos for this post :)

[Day Two]

Unlike the day before, I find the activities held today to be more...tame. Our first session is with a professional hair stylist, Shawn Loong. He got the ball rolling by asking us questions about our hair,giving us simple tips to keep our hair healthy, and how hair management differs from one individual to another. Quite interesting really, now he had gotten me wanting to go to his hair salon to give my hair some pamperings *laughs*

After a quick break (we went off for some energy boosts in our own ways) we moved on with a talk on Love & Relationship Challenges by Teresa Chew. It was a good talk, though I admit that I did not gain anything from there. I suppose it's cause I have not been in a proper relationship for 4 years now *laughs* but either way, the talk was okay :)

LUNCH! Once again, I did my best not to pig out during our buffet lunch interval....which was hard. Food was really good and my eyes sparkled over the dessert section once more! Though I did not take a lot of that since I was never a sweet tooth person in the first place anyway...

After lunch, our workshop continued with Kee Hua Chee and his talk on How to make yourself NEWSWORTHY. It was a pretty interesting talk, where he gave us ideas on how to find those unique angles in our lives that may prove to be interesting enough for people to talk about. I wonder if Cosplay and BJD works for me...hahahahaha.

Photo credits to LouiseXin 

This is ONE photo that I know I want to share with everyone! Cause I really love it too haha. It's Kee Hua Chee's awesome get-up! Check out his rings, they're awesome! His theme? Golden Dragon from head to toe! His shoes are pretty cool though, but sadly no photos on my side ;w;

After his talk it was time to have a mini forum session with the three beauty queens, namely Dato' Anna Lim (Miss Malaysia/Universe 1990 & Mrs Malaysia/World 2004/05), Nadine Ann Thomas (Miss Universe Malaysia 2010) and Chantelle Chuah (Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2007). The main topic revolving around this forum is about the life and experiences earned by a beauty queen. It was a cool time, though most of us were pretty quiet during the forum (me included!). Some of the questions directed to them were about their lives before joining in the pageant and the challenges and hardships received from the whole deal.


A Lingerie Talk by Evelyn Foo from Triumph. Holy cows bells I really want those lingerie after seeing them being paraded in the workshop!! Like, seriously, damn cool! I usually spare Triumph lingerie momentary glances before heading off for those RM10 bras you can get from Jusco (yes I am a cheapo I know!) but this talk made me change my mind now. It's interesting to know that Triumph do have different Maximizer bras meant for plunging necklines, good support, extra push ups, and so on. I so want this for my next cosplay!

Oh guys? Don't drool now =P

Photo credits to LouiseXin 
Lingerie galore~!!!! I want that corset! *w*

Our final session is with Bill Lewis, who taught us what stress is about and Stress Management. Really bad. Good session, though I doubt I can actually tell myself NOT to be stressed out by everything hahaha . One good habit is to laugh a lot, or find something to laugh about. Bill gave us each a cute little egg-shaped maracas thingy and instructed us to throw it in the air at an indicated level and catch it repeatedly. It was a good deal of fun I can tell you, most of us couldn't stop grinning or giggling as we did this exercise. Maybe I should have this in my office for stress control *laughs*

That was the end of the workshop, and we had a nice finale when we received our certificates and had a group photo session with everyone. Thanks once more Maxis for inviting me to this lovely workshop :)

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