Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Event] Puma Social Night Club

 Indeed they do

Two weeks ago, I received a late invitation to the Puma Social Night a couple of days before the day itself. Since it had been a while since I last attended any invited events, I eagerly accepted the invite. Besides, the whole event sounds fun!

Met up with Cheebs for dinner before the event, at a nearby mamak place. Earlier on that day, I bought six macaroons from Nathalie's Gourmet during lunch. And both me and Cheebs had fun sampling them together! I bought six different flavors - rose lychee, blackcurrant, pistachio, citron, orange, and raspberry.

The wonderfully colourful assortment of macaroons from Nathalie's Gourmet. Photo credits to Cheebs

My favorite was still the Orange macaroon; it was rich in flavor that does NOT taste like it came out from a cordial bottle! To quote Cheebs, "It's like I just bit into a real orange!" which was true! Cheebs find the Pistachio macaroon lovely, which I find just as good too (though my preference is still loyal to Orange!!) ^_^

Anyway, onwards to the event itself before I ramble further elsewhere hahaha.

Here's a little history to share about the PUMA Social Club Tour :

"The PUMA Social Club Tour, simply entitled “Here’s to the After-Hours Athlete”, was first rolled out in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, before making its way to Malaysia and Singapore (to be launched the same time as Malaysia); and it advocates “after-hour” social activities and games that one play off the field with friends when the sun goes down.
The kick-off party took place on 11 March 2011 at Palete Pallete, Kuala Lumpur, featuring rip-roaring performances by James Baum, Ze!, DJs Anowl and Hackeem Elektrischer, not to mention PUMA’s ”pimped-up“ interpretation of Social Sports; where lucky winners can expect to take home with them PUMA apparel from the latest Social range.
The PUMA Social Club Tour then made its way to Monkey Bar, Penang on 1 April 2011, and Roost Bistro, Johor Bahru on 8 April 2011, before heading back to Kuala Lumpur on 15 April 2011 for the grand finale at Black Box, Map @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas." 

Such an empty place...not!! Both Cheebs and I arrived early, that's why! Photo credit to Cheebs ^_^

Honestly, I still find Dutamas such a maze! It took us several wrong turns and stalking a guy (literally!) to find the place. And we were early! Hahahaha. So we went in and registered ourselves and took the press kits that were provided for us bloggers. Since we were early, we couldn't enter the hall yet (they were still setting up) so we settled ourselves outside and started chatting. 

Oh yes, one interesting feature I really should highlight on is the PUMA Social Card. It functions as a stamp collection card, in which the objective of the card is to collect as many stamps as possible by competing with other social-goers on the games and/or sports available during the night. The number of stamps earned depend on game winnings as well as your competitors (competing with PUMA celebs will earn you more stamps!). The person whom collected the most stamps and crowned the winner of the night wins a "One-Minute-All-You-Can-Grab" worth of Puma Merchandises. Imagine the awesome amount of goods you can grab with that one heavenly minute given to you! There were two type of ball-games available during this event that I saw - the Foosball and the Table Tennis.

The interesting bit? There are several table sizes for both sports, and for the table tennis there were different paddle sizes too! Both Cheebs and I tried the smaller version of Table Tennis and had fun with it. Granted, we both stink in that game (imagine the number of times we made the balls fly amok away from the table!) but it was awesome nonetheless! Not to mention challenging trying to keep the ball bouncing on the table instead of on our body hahahaha.

See how cute these tables are! We had to slump somewhat to adjust to the table's height. Photo credit to Cheebs

As time flew by the place began to crowd....rather TOO crowded to my liking, so we grabbed our drinks (free flow Heineken yay!) and threaded our way out towards the exit. There we sat chatting away and observed the interesting fashion parading in and out of the entrance. It's actually a good practice for me, since I'm often on the look out for fashion inspirations to design for my dolls. 

Met up with Louise and her boyfriend shortly after that (I suppose it was a good thing that we went out then, yes? It was getting really crowded inside by then!) and stayed outside chatting about everything we can think of.

During that period when we were outside, Ben and Phat Fabes whom are DJ's of the FlyFM Pagi Show began having interactive games on the stage with the audiences. There was a game where participants had to "scream like he/she has an orgasm" and one particular scream could be heard even from outside! I should know, I heard that when I was not in the hall! Well, that got me curious enough to check out what's happening inside so we made our way back in again...and were greeted by an interesting sight: Four male contestants were on stage and they were asked to parade an object that was given to them like a female supermodel. Needless to say some were more creative than others!

The event lasted until the wee hours of Saturday morning, but since Cheebs had to leave early (she was heading to Raub the next day) we left the scene by midnight.

Even though we did not stay to enjoy the games and compete to win exciting prizes, we did have our own batch of fun during the night. Thanks once again for the opportunity to experience this social night! =)

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