Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Sky!

Though I knew of this party for over a month back, I never gave it much of a thought cause I was 'not invited' (or rather, I was not officially invited lol) so I just smiled and said, "Hey, it's all right. I'm not sore or mad about it." Which is actually true; there are so many other ways to meet up with friends even if I was not in the party :) and yes, that includes the birthday girl as well LOL.

Anyway, I had to gate-crash the party anyway cause I needed to meet several people attending the party to deliver some goods to them. Plus, I had a gift made for Sky that I wanted to give her :)

Imagine my surprise (and amusement, cause you know, I tend to be amused pretty easily) when Sky hugged me and thanked me for attending; and then looked surprised and shocked when I told her I came uninvited in reality LOL. It was an amusing moment for me, but yeah, no hard feelings Sky =] I'm happy to be there all the same, party-crasher and all! Hahahahahaha.

Beaded ring using craft wire (cause that is my favorite material to use so far!) specially for Sky. I thought it looked like a green spider, and my sis said it looks like a butterfly. What do you see?

Met up with so many friends I have not seen in ages (for most of them, the last I met up with was back in December 2010 for Comic Fiesta) so it was a happy moment for me. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for the catching-ups. It was good gossiping/ranting/chatting idly with the people I've known for years =]

So I told myself, "Hey, I should have photos of me with my friends at least! Who knows when will I meet up with them next?". (Yes, I'm not much of a social go-er hahahaha) Therefore presenting My Friends and I. Individual camwhore shots, and random group shots =P

My friends and I 
Peeps on the LEFT: Gypsy, Sky, Ikki, Cappy, Jun Jun, Gahleon, Gems, Evilmatter 
Peeps on the RIGHT: Hisa, Izzu, Narukids, Usagi, Will, Sean, Dai, Reno

Damn I miss you guys so much. All the same, yay for meet ups! That definitely put a smile on my face for sure =]

When there's a camera, everyone wants to be in the photo!

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Springfire said...

It looks like some kinda wings to me...