Monday, May 02, 2011

[Review] Nail Pia @ Bandar Sunway

Back in March, my sis bought vouchers from GroupsMore for a manipedi session at Nail Pia. The session consists of Classic Manicure + Spa Pedicure + 50% off Gelish soak-off Gel Polish (chip-free up to three weeks). Since both of us work far apart we decided to book our appointments at separate times. She went for the session first, and was happy with her manicure in particular (she took the Gelish soak-off gel polish, French manicure style) and I looked forward for a pampering session myself a few days later.

Long story short, my appointment was scheduled for 6pm but it was then pushed to 8pm due to unforeseen circumstances. It took me 20 grouchy minutes to locate the place and I was charged RM6 for apparently parking at a Valet parking section (I refused to move my car cause it was late and I didn't want to walk too far...isolated area is NOT fun) and then stood like a silly dummy waiting for the grille door to be beeped open (I had to ring the bell twice).

Anyways, enough of my rambles (I don't even know if that made sense!) so onwards to photos and description next! =]

I was greeted nicely when I arrived, and snapped this photo as I sat by the lounge while waiting for my turn. Nice ambiance :) actually a photo framed on the wall behind me where I was sitting down at. I found the art photography interesting enough to snap a photo of it! Plus really awesome miniature goods make me drool xD

"Snowflakes in the Sky"
Photo snapped from where I was sitting down while waiting for my turn. Hey, I like their lanterns! =P

In the vouchers, the name of the shop was NAIL HARMONY, which caused the confusion of many about this place. Please note that it's known as Nail Pia now

Finally sitting down waiting for my turn, I decided to snap another photo. See that TV in front there? I was hooked watching that movie until it ends *laughs* No idea what's the title of the movie but I did recognized on of the actor: Adam Sandler. The movie is about two firemen pretending to be gay to get money...or something. I was watching the movie halfway from the time I reached the place.

Person in charge, KaKa, finally arrived and made sure I was sitting comfortably. She recommended me the gel soak for my feet for RM5 and I took up the offer. There were 5 different scents to choose from; I only remembered 3 though - Peppermint, Rose, Lavender. I took Peppermint =]

After 10 minutes or so, the gel started to be more obvious (It was powdered when the guy dumped the contents into the water). The purpose of this gel soak is to soften the dead skin cells of the feet to make it easier to scrub them all off away later on.

I couldn't resist my glee as I played around in that puddle of gel. Seriously, it was fun!

Finally, it's my turn! Feet were buffed and it's time to trim those horrid nails and apply the cuticle softener on all toenails
The whole session took roughly 3 hours, and since I started mine at about 8.30pm (yes my appointment was delayed again) everything ended at about 11.30pm. Everyone's friendly in there and one of them kept on plying me with hot tea! Not a good idea especially when I was cold in my shorts and the air con was quite cold *laughs* The tea was good though, it was some sort of fruity tea sweetened with sugar.

Anyway! Here's the results of my mani+pedi session:

Manicure. My nails are not awesomely long so I chose not to take the Gelish soak-off. So yes, the color chipped off after a week or so haha. Nail polish is in dark brown with red glitter infused with it. Not bad for something subtle =]

Pedicure. I opted for OPI Kate Perry's "The One That Got Away" with "Black Shatter" on top. It's an extra RM10 for this but I find it so worth it!

For those wondering, here's the Kate Perry OPI Collection. From left to right: Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream and Black Shatter
Photo taken from All Lacquered Up
Overall, I like this place. I don't mind heading back here another day for a trip of pampering session with my girls. For those interested to find this place, here's the address:

Nail Pia (Bandar Sunway)
A-1-1, Block A, No.1, Jalan PJS 8/15, Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: 012-497 8318 (Kaka)


Aki Jinn said...

wow. looks like you had a nice pampering session! hehe. its been years since my last manipedi! love soaking the feet too! your menipedi are looking great as well! :)

michelleho said...

Errr... of course she like la... Free for her. Paid by yours truly... Hehehe...