Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Support Local Artists! #1

I'll be updating my blog less frequently now. Either way, I have given a lot of thought on what I plan to write next in here. One of the random thoughts that popped out of my head was to feature a local artist from Deviant Art every now and then; mainly cause hey, why not give them some credit for all those great works they have come up with so far, yes? Sadly, I don't know that many unknown local artists (which is why they remained unknown to me until someone points them out!) so I had to ask some of my friends if they DO know of anyone. Either way! Here's the featured artist number one:

DeviantArt ID: BornSecond

Featured DeviantArt:

A Work-In-Progress it may be, but the bold, somewhat rough strokes of striking colors used create a strong and vibrant piece of artwork. This has got to be one of my favorite works from his deviant page! :)

BornSecond's work consists mainly of sketches and detailed inking works, with a mixture of digital and traditional art works. There aren't many deviant submissions from this artist so far, but judging from the constant progress he's been making, I would love to see more of his works in future!

Here are some other works of his:

Sketchy, but just the way I like it. It may perhaps be a draft (?) but heck, the roughness of the sketch just made it greater! Dual gunner ftw! :D

First thing that caught my eye: WHOA great anatomy and perspective!
It's works like these that truly put mine to shame somehow hahaha. Yes, I am, as usual, out of words to describe this further. Then again, artworks speak a thousand words, eh?

This particular DeviantArt submission has been featured in three groups: #the-OC-maniac, #OC-Maddnes and #Ocart

A Guilty Gear (game) character, Sol. Done digitally, I love the silhouette-style shadings done to create this shaded character. No, I'm not familiar with the game, but hey, I still recognize the character (cosplay events tend to do that to me at times) all the same!

This particular DeviantArt submission has been featured in two groups: #FightGameFreaks and #Game-Fanart

Intrigued yet? Don't forget to follow him here if you're on Deviantart too! BornSecond

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