Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Doll Affair 2011 @ Singapore Conference Hall

This took me a month to pen down, but I'm determined to write it somehow all the same!

Last month, I went down to Singapore for a quick trip to visit my relatives and to attend The Doll Affair happening at the Singapore Conference hall at the same time. Met up with Akane and well, we had fun at TDA even if we were there for a short while!

Image taken from their Facebook Page
Hall was quite small, to my surprise. But it gave that homey and friendly atmosphere so I suppose it doesn't matter. It wasn't all too crowded either, and all you had to do was to watch you step in case there are any BJDs posing on the floow hahaha. 
Admittedly not everything was as cheap as I had expected (it's worse for me since the RM was not too strong at that time, so that means I couldn't spend a lot!) but it was indeed an awesome sight to be seen! Imagine digging through pre-loved bins for that piece of outfit just for your boy or girl, and discover joyfully that the price is still within your budget!
I saw a lot of handmade items up for sale too, and though I couldn't get a lot of things that I had wanted to get, it's good to know that if I ever do want to get something, I can always head back to Singapore another time. Well, that and also cause Akane can help me, yes? *pika eyes*
Ok, no more ramblings from me. Enjoy the photos (not many, I admit) I snapped in the hall!

This was the first BJD exhibition that I saw when I stepped in

One day, just one day, I shall get myself a SD female doll too! 

Oh when the Saints~come marching in~~

When I was~
A young boy~~
My father~
Took me into the City~~
To see the marching band~~~

Yep there were Dollfie Dreams as well. I want that camera!!!

A Yo-SD and a Puki (I forgot what mold is she though)

One of my fave! She reminded me of Calypso somehow hahahaha

And so, she deserves another shot! XD

Another booth, by Echelon. Awww look at that cutie trying to reach up for something ^_^

Bunnies! :D

Look who has an APPLE!!! Damn, I'm jealous now =P

The March Hare - as a woman? She looks good, real good.

I like this photo somehow; friends hanging out while chattering the day away? You decide =P

Overall I'd say, not bad! I know there are those who told me it doesn't matter if I don't attend TDA this year, but I'm really glad I did! Can't wait to attend next year's TDA as well x3

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