Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Memories of the Childhood - The Great Pretender

Hands up if this song is hauntingly familiar to you.

As a kid, most of the songs that I am aware of would be the oldies. Why? I was pretty much a tomboy back then, and all those latest music sensations never struck a chord in my life. Oldies, however, left a lasting mark in my life; mainly because my father used to hook up the karaoke system and began singing through those classics.

I suppose that, in a sense, was my very first exposure to songs that are not Nursery Rhymes we sang at kindergarten. And even until now, these songs would lift my gloom and allow my mind to soar above the skies a.k.a. to dreamland.

One song that reminds me the most of my father is this: The Great Pretender by The Platters.

Why, you ask?

As a kid, I loved being carried by my father at night to bed. There was when I was half-asleep and refused to wake up, my father picked me up and carried me off to bed. Being the lazy ol' me, I loved that feeling! And after that, I would do my best to pretend to be asleep just so that he would carry me to bed. Ain't I a naughty kid? =P

Of course, my father got wiser in the end. But he still lifted me up and tucked me in once in a while, and jokingly told me, "You great pretender!" knowing full well I could hear what he was saying; and I would grin about it.

After that, this song was kind of "my song" as dedicated by my father. Kind of hard to forget, and pretty much true.

What's your childhood memory song? :)

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