Friday, August 19, 2011

Have you seen the new Facebook Layout?

Here's a sneak peek if you haven't. I'm currently messing around to adapt to this new layout style brought to you by none other than Facebook:

The overall FB News Feed layout. Notice that there isn't Top News, Most Recent, nor the Filter options anymore.

Be careful of what you say, for it will be seen by others. This  has been implemented for awhile now, I think, but the Ticker system makes it easier for me to scan through. One thing to note about Ticker is that each time any of your friends leave a comment on a FB Page post/photo/video, that comment will be seen on Ticker. You can also reply to a comment from the Ticker column

I need to figure out how does Highlight works. Anyone, any ideas on this?

So now when you have uploaded new photos (more than one), this is how it will be displayed on your friend's (and yours) news feed. Not bad really, Personally like this better!

If it's a single image, this is how it will look like. Again, not bad! :D

So overall, what do you think? New Facebook Layout a Yay or a Nay from you? :)


Eric Lee said... come my FB layout is not like that?? O.O

Silvennia Silsendrea said...

Not everyone has this yet actually, I think the newer accounts will see this faster than the ones made a few years back >_<;;