Sunday, November 13, 2011

That Creepy Lady [ Dreams]

I'm a blinking lazy blogger and I know it hahahaha. But to revive this blog a wee bit, allow me to re-post this particular post I had updated on my Tumblr here. Just 'cause I find it interesting enough to share with everyone.

Who knows, it could inspire you Nano-ers out there to write a cool story out of my silly dream? :)

My dreams are weird, and when I have nightmares…well I simply have nightmares. Anyway penning down several weird dreams I’ve been having lately that’s making me go insane each time I wake up

    I was about to step into the bathroom when I heard a loud and angry shout from outside. I paused momentarily, wondering what was going on out there. It sounded like my neighbour got into a fight again with his son. Though I have never seen them before, their voices can often be heard right up to my room. And just to explain how loud their shrill shrieks can carry along with the wind, my room is located next to the backyard whereas they tend to scream around the porch/garden area. THAT is how loud they can be.
    Out of the blue I heard a loud rattling noise from my sister’s room, located opposite of mine. Startled, I panicked and wondered if it was a thief. Grabbing a baseball bat (now how did that get in there?) from the corner of my room, I sneaked towards my sister’s room barely clad in a piece of white towel. As I peeked into the room over a gap by the door, my heart thumped madly when I noticed the french window was gaping wide open. Or to be more exact, one partition was left hanging ajar because the lock is missing. My eyes darted left and right as I hurriedly dashed into the room to close the windows. As I closed the windows, I noticed that the man who was shouting earlier sneaked past the rooftop in front of me. I wondered what happened and why the heck is he acting like a thief. Just as I was about to pull in the second partition (the one that had a broken lock), a wrinkly lady with a terrible grin suddenly appeared very close to my face. Now downright spooked, I screamed and grabbed the french window and hastily pulled it towards me with all my might. At the same time, the lady tried to block my actions and we had a short tussle between the french window.
    I heard her mumbling something like, “It’s too late dearie, give it up” as I screamed and tugged the window even more with all of my might. My neighbour must have heard my scream cause he came bounding up on the roof (well, the room is on the second floor after all) and shouted something unintelligible as he pointed at the old lady. The wrinkled hag merely grinned and waved goodbye, before giving me the evil eye. That gave me goosebumps right down to my spine. It was a creepy “I’ll get you for this definitely” look, and it was not a happy one.
    The hag bounded off in such an agile manner, I began wondering what the heck was she in the first place. The man came over and knocked against the window, causing me to scream in shock once more. Well, I was scared, so what did you expect(duh)? He told me not to worry, though he did notice the hag stalking my house for a while now. Well, that topped off the creep-o-meter chart for me. Seriously, old hag interested in my house? What is up with that?
    My neighbour (sorry, never knew his name, it IS a dream after all) took his phone and was about to call the cops (I think) when his son appeared. He looked rather disheveled somehow, as though he had just escaped from a hard fight. As I looked at him, I suddenly remembered why that old hag had looked rather familiar. I had seen her approaching him before this. Or rather, lurking in the shadows watching him. I shuddered and told the guy what I knew…. 
…and I woke up feeling all creeped out. I think the worst deal is that I’m currently home alone and I get really paranoid when I’m alone. This was the second dream I had in less than 4 hours sleeping downstairs. I wonder if I’ll ever remember to type out my first dream (or if I happen to remember it once more). One thing’s for sure, this is a pretty good Nanowrimo material lol

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