Monday, November 14, 2011

[Mini Review] Little Pantry

Last Saturday, I attended a makeup course with Swing, Neko, Aiko, Cappy and Narukids at Innocrest Puchong that we had purchased online fron I Love Discounts. It was okay, and the Mary Kay body scrub worked wonders on my skin! Too bad I was not exactly fond of the eyeshadow choice of color the consultant had given us hahaha.

Anyway, this blog post is not about that. Rather, it's about the place we (Cappy, Kids, Aiko and me) had for dinner after the course was done: Little Pantry

Truth be told, I was intrigued by this place for a very long time since I saw it for the very first time in IOI Mall, Puchong. Their maid costumes may be a wee bit garish (fluorescent pink with white frills) but hey, service isn't too bad! I'll admit the price is a tad steep for me, but overall, pretty worth it :)

Note: All photo credits to Aiko; thanks for allowing me to use the photos you have taken! :)

Weekday deals for you, during Tea Time! The cakes looked pretty awesome by the way, and I was so intrigued by them (though we didn't have any in the end hahaha)

Food on display outside to tempt potential customers? This is from their Seafood set if I'm not wrong :)

White interior, with a dash of pink! Taken from where we were seated.

We're not exactly sure whose buffet line is this for, but heck, the food looked really good! And the background setting? Simply Victorian-ish to me! :D

Their basic color theme is white and pink, with more of the former than the latter. I find it perfectly pleasant, though I wonder if men dining in here might feel a wee bit intimidated by the obviously feminine feel to this place XD

Pink roses to brighten up the table :)

The menu booklet. Wish we managed to snap photos of the details inside this menu :(

The best part? There is actually a private room catered for your private functions! I smell a potential photoshoot place right here actually!

Anyway, when we were there, we managed to snag the Buy 1 Free 1 Pasta deal somehow (valid Monday - Friday, 5-7pm) as the waitress informed us that the deal was valid on that day (we were there at about 6.40pm. Lucky!)

So after perusing through the selection of pasta, we finally decided on two types:

Spaghetti Beef Bolognaise, priced at RM15.90. Both Narukids and Aiko selected this dish
It was indeed delicious! The rich, tangy tomato topped with a hint of cheddar and minced beef made this an appetizing dish to have indeed.

While the two of them dined on red, Cappy and I dined on White instead.

The Al-Funghi Fettuccine, priced at RM14.90.

This pasta isn't too bad either. The 'shrooms used were pretty fresh and the cream was delicious! My only peeve about this dish is that it was a tad too dry cause the gravy was too little :(

No drinks, cause we decided to dine on Pasta and Water hahahahaha. Overall, I find the settings here pretty good.

Little Pantry, you can expect me to dine here in future, and have private functions in your room one day! I'm horribly tempted to have a Rozen Maiden photoshoot here for the heck of it too! Just cause I find the settings waaaay better than Fullhouse hahahaha. 

 You can locate this quaint little cafe right here: 

G02 & G18 Ground Floor, 
IOI Mall Puchong, 
Bandar Puchong, 
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong, 
47100 Puchong


Lina304 said...

heeey lets go here one of these days :< I want to try xDDD

Henry said...

Very nice place, I like the ambiance. Food looks great, too.